Tools of the trade: Belmont Clesta II dental chair

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by Dr Soroush Salimi, Dentists@Burswood, Perth, WA

I purchased my practice two years ago and when I decided it was time to replace the chair, I went with the Belmont Clesta II—a recommendation of a friend and colleague.

What’s good about it

I’ve owned the Clesta II for a year now and so far it’s been pretty much faultless. I like that it’s a simple, uncomplicated chair. When chairs are excessively complicated, it’s just more things that can go wrong. This chair has all the features I need and nothing that I don’t need. 

As a bonus, it’s a good-looking chair that has drawn compliments from quite a few patients for the level of support and comfort, as well as the modern design. However, I always keep a cushion on hand for that extra bit of comfort, particularly for older patients.

I also like that this chair was able to be plumbed into the mains water supply. Most dental chairs have a bottle that needs to be constantly refilled. This can be annoying if it happens when a patient is in the chair. The Clesta II uses mains water that’s run through a filter. All that’s required in regard to maintenance is a once-a-year service. 


What’s not so good

It comes with a large, oversized tray for placing your instruments. I found it quite obtrusive so I had the smaller standard tray fitted. It’s worthwhile to check out the different options that are available, especially the extra ‘plush’ padding feature which is a lot more comfy than the regular padding of the chair.

Where did you get it

Gunz Dental


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