The trick to topping Google results

topping google results

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If you are paying someone to look after the SEO on your website, but they’re not adding new content every month, you are fighting a losing battle. You’re just not sending enough of the right signals to Google that you should rank highly in organic search results.

That’s because the clever engineers at Google know that if a user is asking a vague question, they can only guess at the right answer. So they program the computer to guess, based on words used in a search.


If the pages on your site are just focussed on a few major terms (like your practice name, or ‘dentist’ plus your suburb), you’ll always be just one result amongst thousands of search results.

Even if you are at the top of the page of a Google search, there will be another nine organic listings for other competitors all around your listing. And there’s probably half-a-dozen suggestions down the bottom of the page.

But imagine if your site dominated most of the spots on that first page of Google results.

Get more Google spots!

There are two ways to top Google results. One is to bid on AdWords so your listing appears towards the top of a page. This can be very cost-effective if you have no competition. But gets really expensive if you DO have competition.

The second way is to be ‘found’ for a large number of different keywords that are relevant to your business. 

This will require regular content on your site which targets different keywords. People use lots of different words to search for your services online. You have a better chance of being found if you have content relating to a wider range of keywords. 

You’ll always be one-in-many if your site only ranks for one keyword. But imagine if your site appeared half-a-dozen times on the front page of a search query. That’s when your SEO is really working. 

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