The SureSmile Digital Orthodontic treatment planning software by Dentsply Sirona.

SureSmile system

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In May 2018, Dentsply Sirona acquired OraMetrix, the leading industry provider of innovative 3-D technology solutions improving the quality and efficiency of orthodontic care. Its proprietary technology, the SureSmile system, represents a significant leap forward in orthodontics. 

So, what is the SureSmile system and workflow?

It starts with a patient intraoral scan. The software accepts STL files from nearly all scanning sources. Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan scanner comes highly recommended, as it provides the most accurate digital intraoral scan available. Ease of use, quick scanning time and accurate models enable short appointment chair time for patients.

Axeos X-Ray

If CBCT X-ray record data is provided for the patient record, it will be registered by the digital lab with a 3D model, smile photo and the patient`s natural head position. This premium patient model provides predictable and biologically achievable outcomes that are in line with the patient’s natural anatomy.

The Orthophos and Axeos X-Ray and CBCT units are highly specialised for every type of expert treatment: not only for orthodontics but for implantology, sleep apnoea and endodontics. The SureSmile technology provides the right solution for every patient challenge. The software platform provides access to a comprehensive orthodontic toolbox that enhances your unique ability in all clinical matters. 


Available products are:

Full service or In-office aligner design: The software allows the dental professional the value of versatility and full flexibility in aligner treatment. Using the SureSmile Ortho platform, you can order full-service aligner treatment to your specifications from the SureSmile Digital Lab or digitally design your own treatment plan.

Full flexibility in aligner fabrication: Either order physical models to make your own aligners in-office or even print those with your in-office printer from the STL files provided in the software.

Digital bracket treatment with SureSmile Indirect Bonding: SureSmile can also make bracket treatment more efficient by allowing you to digitally position your chosen bracket set on the screen. You approve and order the IDB bracket trays from them. 

SureSmile Aligners provide a full suite of product features such as:

Variable trim line for your clinical preference: You can freely choose the design of the trim line. Trimmed in a high-precision laser cutting patented process, the edges are particularly smooth and provide outstanding patient wearing comfort. The straight trim line follows the gingiva at a consistent distance, customisable by you for variable trim heights. Or you can choose the new scalloped design to meet the highest aesthetic demands. 

Automatic pontics for concealing gaps and missing teeth: If you need to open space for an implant or close it after extraction, your patient can smile with confidence during the treatment. As soon as a space is larger than 3 mm, an artificial tooth is created that fills the space. All you need to do is apply paint in colour-matched composite and cure for the perfect illusion.

Outstanding material properties and excellent force transmission: The aligners are made using world renowned Essix® ACE plastic, known for superior performance at straightening teeth with an aesthetic appearance. Attachments are automatically placed, the number is kept low and are fully customisable in design and position for the required force transmission for effective tooth movement.

Treatment of more complex cases – Correction of Class II and III: Cut-outs in the clear aligners make it possible to correct mild Angle Class II and III cases, while slits allow the insertion of intermaxillary elastics. Larger cut-outs provide access to buttons that are attached to the teeth.

There are simple case options when ordering the patient cases: 

Complete Case: Flat rate pricing: unlimited aligners, set-ups, attachment templates and free refinements throughout treatment time up to 3 years from aligner production.

Select Case: Only pay for the number of aligners you need.

Easy to start

SureSmile provides direct access to high quality technical and system support; as well as virtual one-on-one training with a dedicated experienced trainer that will fit with your schedule.  

Contact 1300 552 929 or email to find out how to secure the latest in orthodontic digital technology workflow – SureSmile, Primescan and the Axeos X-Ray unit.


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