The registration standards for all dental practitioners have been revised


1. StandardsThe registration standards for continuing professional development (CPD) have been updated by the Dental Board of Australia. The revisions will regulate all of Australia’s 21,000 dentists that come under the board’s domain.

The board has helpfully published the standards prior to their implantation allowing practitioners additional preparation time. The new revisions will come into place on the first of December replacing existing registration standards.

The new revisions apply to all Australian dental practitioners. Practitioners will need to ensure they have met the upgraded standards by 30 November 2016—the upcoming registration renewal period.

While 60 hours of CPD activities over the current three-year cycle remains in place the period for the cycle has changed. The new cycle will now run from 1 July – 30 June to 1 December – 30 November. This shift will now align the CPD cycle with the registration renewal cycle.

To read the entirety of the revised registration standards visit the dental board’s website.


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