The power of three


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It’s no accident that the number three is pervasive throughout mathematics, science, music and some of our greatest stories.  After all, there is a special power behind the number three. Just like the art and science that goes into clear aligner orthodontics, including the newest aligner to the market—TrioClear®.

Compared to traditional approaches of clear aligners or braces, TrioClear® uses a 3-step regime that requires patients to change incrementally through aligners of different thickness levels during the treatment period. With patented TrioDim Force technology, it is an exceptionally versatile solution that can successfully treat cases requiring minimal to moderate tooth movement and for rectifying teething malocclusions. TrioClear® is designed to transform your service and your patients’ smile.

The Dynamic Three Step Solution.

TrioClear’s unique three-step solution allows more movement per step than most other systems. During treatment, patients will gradually and continuously move their teeth by wearing three different clear aligners ranging from SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD, within each three-week cycle. 

With the thinnest aligner being 0.5mm in thickness, this three-step solution provides maximum comfort to your patients by gently increasing the forces applied to the teeth. The more frequent change of trays also prevents stains from building up and promotes improved oral hygiene.

The Triple Series Education Event.

TrioClear® are releasing a Triple Series Education event kicking off in September. The Triple Series webinars are suitable for dentists and orthodontists with all levels of experience and will be complimentary. This series is designed to help dentists to use the full potential of TrioClear® and successfully start treating mild to moderate cases of malocclusion. Certificates will be provided to all attendees. 

“Using TrioClear®, patients will improve their teeth alignment by wearing three different aligners,” says Dr Sharp, presenter of the webinars.

“From a soft to medium to hard tray, the increasing aligner thickness shifts the teeth and helps each patient achieve their desired smile. There is a huge comfort advantage for patients to start off with a softer layer before progressing to medium then hard.”

It really helps those ligaments stretch and initiate the bone remodelling in the most gradual way possible, says Dr Sharp.

So join the webinar series to know more on how this innovative clear aligner system can be a comfortable choice for your practice and your patients.

Series One: Introduction to TrioClear® and the Advantages of Clear Aligners.

16th September 2020 @ 7:30pm
Duration 60 mins

Discover the benefits and ease of implementing a three-step aligner system to the patient and why to choose clear aligners over fixed appliances. (1 CPD)
Series Two: Case suitability and how to get started.

14th October 2020 at 7:30pm
Duration 60 mins

Learn more about TrioClear’s workflow, case suitability and how to use Dentist’s Gateway, our case submission portal. (1 CPD)

Series Three: Reviewing your TrioClear® Simulations and Treatment Guidelines.

11th November 2020 at 7:30pm
Duration 60mins

This webinar will help our participants to understand tooth movements and how to design and review a treatment plan. (1 CPD)  

To book your spot register at

PRESENTER: Dr Albert Sharp received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney, graduating with First Class honours and top of the year. He is a partner at Penn Sharp Dental Surgeons in Double Bay, Sydney, where he continues to practice all aspects of general dentistry. Dr Sharp is the General Manager Clinical at Southern Cross Dental.  He often presents courses to enable general dentists to provide the best possible outcome for their patients.

Dr Sharp was one of the first general dentists in Australia to be accredited for treating patients with the Invisalign System and for many years was the primary presenter for the Invisalign Training Course for GP dentists. Dr Sharp is in clinical practice at his surgery in Double Bay, Sydney. He has tried many aligner systems to see what works best with each.


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