The NSK Red band Handpiece: An interview with Dr Michael N Mandikos

NSK Red band Handpiece

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We recently caught up with Dr Michael Mandikos to talk about the Australian Dental Centre of Excellence, his new Dental CPD Training Centre. Michael’s purpose built facility opened in the second half of 2019, and he sought NSK handpieces for all 36 of his workstations. In this short interview, Michael tells us why he chose NSK.

The new Training Centre is really well planned. You have a lecture room, a hands-on training room, two fully functional dental treatment rooms, and a lunchroom for onsite catering. How did you decide on the equipment to put into your Centre?

We wanted to create a training environment where the learning would not be hindered by substandard materials and instruments, and so the aim was to use the best of everything to ensure that course attendees receive the best experience at each program. That probably tells you why I was so keen to have NSK involved.

You have NSK handpieces in your own practice as well, so you clearly like the NSK product. What is it that makes it so special for you?

I have been in private practice for 28 years now and have used NSK high-speed and slow-speed handpieces for all that time. I have some NSK air turbines that have been running since I setup Brisbane Prosthodontics in 2008. That’s 12 years ago, and they are still running well. To me, that is an indication of the high quality engineering and components that go into this brand. 

So, does that mean that you only use air turbine handpieces for your high-speed applications?

No, not at all. I use both air turbine and Red Band (Electric) handpieces. I am a bit of a “late starter” on the Red Band scene, only coming around to them about 7 or 8 years ago. But their incredible and consistent torque makes them quite special. For me, an air turbine works well for a small cavity preparation or sometimes for veneer preparations, where I don’t have a lot of tooth structure to remove. But for crown preparations, the cutting efficiency of a Red Band, and its very smooth action, make it the obvious choice. 

You chose NSK’s Red band handpieces for your Training Centre. Why did you select these and not air turbines?

The Z95L NSK Red Band handpieces we sought were really a no-brainer. Firstly, they are electric, so this brings a degree of portability and convenience to them. We can move them around in our Centre without any hard-wiring, and this also means that they can be readily fitted to an existing dental chair very simply – which we did at my practice. Secondly, it is useful when teaching, to describe the speed you are using the handpiece at. In the case of our NSK Red Bands, we can dial in a precise speed for an exercise, and make sure everyone is working to the same standard. 

Thank you Michael for taking the time to share your thoughts on NSK’s Red Bands, and good luck with your fabulous training facility.  

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