The new S-Max M series – A leap to the NEXT STAGE

S-Max M series Contra-Angle

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The S-Max M series is the next phase of the evolution of NSK’s globally acclaimed handpieces. These new models are the embodiment of NSK’s expertise in handpieces. 

S-Max M series Air Turbine

The M series delivers the reliability and safety demanded by both practitioners and the ever-changing standards of the dental instrument industry. Let us introduce you to NSK’s best-selling models..

S-Max M series Contra-Angle

The new rotor design is optimized using a rotating airflow simulation, resulting in 26W of power through the efficient use of air supply energy.

TOUGH: The S-Max M series contra-angles have dramatically improved durability and feature an updated internal body design and chuck mechanism. They are NSK’s next-generation standard—a marriage of ergonomic sophistication and smooth cutting feel. .

DURABILITY: The all-new internal design makes it even more durable, and it can withstand repeated autoclave sterilisation and the hostile environment of thermo-disinfection. 

The Clean Head System has an anti-suck back mechanism that stops blood and foreign matter from entering the head from the oral cavity. As a result, the ball bearings and mechanical parts last longer. 

The Ceramic Bearings are 25% harder than steel and around half the weight, meaning very little wear, which helps the cartridge to last longer. 

The handpiece body is stainless steel, making it rust-proof and sturdy. Its satin-like finish fits comfortably in your hand.

USABILITY: A new chuck mechanism improves operator and patient safety
and provides even greater holding strength and releases the bur quickly
and easily with the responsive and tactile push button. 

The grip has been made slimmer in response to requests for a design that avoids contact with the front teeth when accessing molars.

The Quattro Spray System provides effectively and better cooling over the entire. *M95L/M95 only

S-Max M series Air Turbine

HIGH POWER: A new rotor shape was developed using a state-of-the-art computer simulation and fluid analysis software. This rotor delivers a significant 6W boost in power from 20W to 26W. The handpiece becomes an extension of the operator and provides a cutting feel that facilitates more intricate operations. Its elegant, slim design is replete with the expertise and technology accumulated over decades by the handpiece experts at NSK.

DURABILITY: The new rotor design is optimised using a rotating air flow
simulation, resulting in 26W of power through the efficient use of air supply energy. Trusted and proven Clean Head System with anti-suck mechanism, 25% harder, light weight Ceramic Bearings, Push Button Chuck and Quattro Spray reduce wear and makes the cartridge last longer. The barrel type cartridge design allows easy replacement of the cartridge.  

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