“The Mocom autoclaves and Di.V.A software has saved us an enormous amount of time”


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Maven Dental’s Glenn Horner says Mocom autoclaves and Di.V.A software have helped boost efficiency and productivity across the company’s 105 practices.

Using instruments that haven’t been properly sterilised on a patient is a dentist’s worst nightmare—which is why monitoring sterilisation cycles is so important. But how to save time on this necessary task? 

Glenn Horner, health and safety officer for Maven Dental, says switching to Mocom autoclaves and the Di.V.A software has been a total game-changer.

“We were the launch customer for Di.V.A—digital virtual assistant software—that talks seamlessly to Mocom’s autoclaves, and we’ve now been using it 12 months,” says Horner. “It’s become an invaluable part of our business.”

What does Di.V.A do?

The Di.V.A software is designed to optimise the dental sterilisation workflow, serving up information on workloads, maintenance and any malfunctions. It also supplies data on the status of each new generation Mocom Futura or Supreme and whether cycles are completed successfully.

Cycles using Mocom autoclaves take around 40 minutes, and the average practice would do around 8 cycles per day, says Horner. “In order to comply with Australian Standards, dental practices need to keep a detailed record of the autoclave cycles—so if something goes wrong, you can prove that the sterilisation parameters were met.”

So how does Di.V.A improve the process? “Before we used Di.V.A, the autoclaves would print out a record or save it digitally onto a USB drive and dental assistants needed to photocopy those print-outs or download them onto a computer,” explains Horner.

Now, Di.VA saves all data into the cloud and it can be accessed easily via the software’s web-based dashboard—no matter where you’re based. “The Mocom Futura range has built in WI-FI and Ethernet, so the practice can connect it to their networks,” he says. “It’s easy to use and works so seamlessly, our dentists and practice managers have online access.”

Di.V.A’s other time-saving benefits 

Horner’s based in Queensland but his role is national, so he was used to having to hop on a plane to provide support to Maven Dental’s practices that were based in other States.

“Now, thanks to Di.V.A, I can see the data on all our new Mocom autoclave devices across all our practices in real time and offer support over the phone, which has saved us significant amounts of time,” he says. “The autoclaves very rarely fail, but if they do—say, because of a black-out—I’m instantly alerted via email.”

Another handy function is that you can pre-schedule the Mocom autoclaves’ daily Vacuum and Helix tests, says Horner.

“These two tests take 60-90 minutes every morning and what we’ve found very beneficial is that you can program the cycles to run at say, 5am, before the dental assistants arrive at 7am for the day,” he explains. “That way, the autoclaves are up and running and ready to sterilise instruments. We previously had to conduct these manually during work hours, so that functionality has saved lots of time.” 

Maven Dental’s use of Di.V.A has been so successful the company now mandates the purchase of the software with every new Mocom autoclave.

“It’s the best system I’ve used; there are others out there but you don’t get the level of detail that Mocom’s Di.V.A solution provides,” says Horner. “I like having that oversight of our sterilisation systems across the practices, as I’m responsible for health and safety along with our dentists and I don’t ever want patients to have non-sterile instruments used on them. The Mocom and Di.V.A system reduces the risk of this occurring at any one of our practices.”  

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