The fear of returning to our dental practices is palpable for every team member and our patients.

fear of returning to work after COVID-19

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We have all been ‘safely’ tucked away in our own cocoons for weeks and now to be back on the front line is terrifying, full of uncertainty with many changes that will stay with us for years to come.

Dentistry simply can’t and won’t return to ‘normal’ because the risks to both team members & patients is very real.

These fears must be addressed ‘head on’. They need to be aired, heard, acknowledged & acted upon.

Fears that are left to ‘bubble under the surface’ will not be a solid foundation for your practice.

Even though like many of you we survived and thrived during and after the last 3 economic down turns in our own practices, these current challenges will require a new way of thinking and practicing. 

As the business owner, the most overwhelming fear for you right now is to recover lost income as quickly as possible which is very valid and real, however it should not be the only driving force forward.

What we are doing with our management clients is developing immediate growth strategies as well as medium to longer term planning. Each practice and dentist are unique which is why we work with our clients individually and why our dental management consulting, refocused dental is small and very personal.

Our advice is to take time to really listen to the concerns of each team member. What you may hear as negativity is just fear and anxiety.

Communicate and plan with your team to implement new protocols for safety & calm.

For example, if your staff usually travel on public transport to work, then pay for parking so that they can drive in each day. Such a simple solution to truly looking after your team & reducing anxiety.

There has been a huge focus from dental governing bodies, on our clinical procedures however your reception team are the absolute front line and should be wearing protective clothing just like clinical staff. 

You really can’t go ‘over the top’ with extra infection control because it is a much better strategy to do more than just the minimum. The consequences if a team member tests positive for COVID19 are horrendous for you, your practice and the future reputation of your business.

This is a process which requires careful strategic planning.

Patients also have fears and limiting factors right now. We want and need them to return but how we approach their care is essential to both retention and growth. We must respect that their lives, as they have been turned upside down, with reduced income and increased debt. Guide them slowly through their dental ‘lifetime’ plan rather than pushing for short term gains to benefit your practice and not the immediate needs or financial constraints of your patients.

The team of refocused dental is made up of Dr Jon Kozeniauskas and Erica King who together have achieved more than any other consulting organization in this country. In our 30 years of dental management and practice ownership we have managed 585 privately owned dental practices all over Australia – city, suburban and regional achieving average increases in gross turnover of $445,000 per dentist per year. Plus we have owned and managed 8 practices in city and suburban Melbourne. No one else in the consulting business can match our extensive knowledge, experience, and levels of success for our clients.

Refocused dental combines the clinical expertise, business development, dentist and teams mentoring skills of Jon with Erica’s expertise in developing human potential using psychological assessment and training.

We are adapting like you and welcome the opportunity to make the lasting difference you seek for your practice.  

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