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As the cloud has become a more popular hosting option for professional software of all kinds, the advantages of using this technology have come into focus. As a pioneer in the Australian dental industry with a 30-year track record of catering to ever-changing practice management needs, Centaur Software has joined the Cloud community with its Windows-to-Web leap; Dental4Web. Dental4Web marks a revolutionary shift in the Australian practice management landscape by making available on the cloud the same feature-rich product suite trusted and relied upon by thousands of dental practices across Australia. .

Top 5 reasons to use cloud based software

1. Reduce your dental practice expenses

Of all the differences between cloud and on-premises solutions, cost is one of the most obvious. Rather than paying upfront for server hardware and installing the software themselves, organisations pay a predictable monthly fee for access to the services.

Your dental practice can get the exact mixture of management software modules to fit its needs, all in the form of a reasonable operating expense rather than a capital expenditure.

2. Gain practice management software efficiency

Cloud based dental practice management software isn’t just affordable, it is constantly being updated with the latest efficiency-building features. Important patches and updates to cloud based dental software come automatically, meaning your practice staff don’t have to take time from their duties to upgrade the practice management solution.

3. Harness cloud computing security

As long as your practice management solution comes from a trusted vendor, you can add to your peace of mind by moving into the cloud. Independent businesses such as dental practices can be targeted by hackers, so having as much data security as possible is always worthwhile. From information on your patients to financial records, there is no shortage of important content to safeguard. Cloud solutions such as Dental4Web provide a secure place to store that information.

4. Gain flexibility for your dental practice and its employees

One of the most exciting features of a given cloud-based software solution is the ability to access the same applications and data from any internet-connected device.  Logging on from home or a mobile device allows your workers to be flexible about how and when they complete their tasks. Secure access control features ensure this flexibility doesn’t become a security liability.

5. Boost the patient experience

Upgrading to a leading cloud based dental practice management solution such as Dental4Web has patient care value in addition to its employee benefits. The lineup of dental software modules for this platform includes online bookings, patient communication and education tools that help your team create a positive patient experience.

It’s time to make the change

The cloud isn’t just today’s hot technology; adopting these systems is also a way to prepare for the future. The ease of rolling out patches, updates, modules and new features ensures your cloud based dental practice management platform will continue to stay powerful and relevant for many years to come. 

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