The Corporate Model: There’s strength in a network

corporate dentistry
Dr Antony Benedetto, whose experience with NDC has been “incredibly positive”.

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The Corporate Dentistry, or Dental Services Organisation concept is just one of the practice ownership models that are available in the Australasian dental industry of today. 

Finding the model for you

“The corporate model has slowly been evolving over the last 10 to 15 years. I understand it’s not for everyone,” says Dr Antony Benedetto, former practice owner who sold to National Dental Care back in 2014. “My experience has been an incredibly positive one,” beams Dr Benedetto. “I wanted time back with my family as I have two young children, I honestly thought I would work for a couple of years and then move on to the next thing, whatever that was going to be. Yet here I am 5 years later, really enjoying just focusing on my dentistry and looking after my patients, and I got the time back with my family!” 

A model guided by Dentists for Dentists

Dr Benedetto isn’t just still at National Dental Care (NDC), he is also now the company’s Clinical Advisory Committee Chairman, a role he is very proud of and passionate about. “The clinical direction of the company is governed by the Committee. We have a Dentist representative or two from every state, and meet once a quarter to discuss all relevant clinical matters such as upcoming training programs, new consumables choices and opportunities for investment in equipment,” he says. “The Committee has been in place since NDC was founded and has real input into the company’s strategy, we are very proud of that”. 


The NDC Way

corporate dentistry
New NDC family member, Dr Mark Casiglia, owner and founder of Apple Dental.

National Dental Care has been in operation since early 2013 and now has over 60 dental practices across Australia, growing via a combination of acquisitions and building practices. “We are typically looking for slightly larger practices (3+ chairs) with values that are aligned to ours,” says CEO, Gordon Towell. “Although each practice in our network is individual and has a valuable local identity, it’s important that we all share the same vision. At the end of the day we care most about our patients and our people.” 

NDC has a fully established support office helping practices and clinicians focus on delivering superior patient care. The company has also invested significantly in developing leading digital marketing strategies. “Over 50% of all new patients are now finding us via digital channels,” says Towell. “Being at the forefront of this space is just one of the ways we can support our practices, and we are seeing the benefits of that.” 

Dr Mark Casiglia & the Apple Dental Team, Lane Cove joins NDC

Gordon Towell, CEO commented, “I am pleased to confirm that we continue to move forward with our expansion strategies. Most recently, we were delighted to have Dr Mark Casiglia, owner and founder of Apple Dental, and his team join the NDC family.”

Dr Casiglia commented, “Even though Apple Dental offers the most advanced dental technology for its patients, I have always placed a great deal of emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. Our patients know they can trust my team to look after them and to always provide excellent care. We always strive to achieve exceptional results, no matter the treatment provided and share NDC’s strong belief that new dental technologies can make a profound difference to better patient outcomes.”

Mark added, “I am very pleased to join the NDC team and look forward to contributing to their clinical strategies over the coming years. In my view, NDC is unique amongst dental corporates given their focus on dentist training, investment in dental services, and the provision of large, modern family focused, well-equipped practices which are the future of the dental industry.”

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