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Over 12 years ago, AADFA developed the industry leading concept of Complete Dento – Facial Health & Rejuvenation, which sets dental practitioners aside and positions them at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. This concept underpins everything that AADFA teaches and helps dental teams to ensure they have a clear, systemised approach to achieving optimal patient outcomes; avoiding complications, difficult conversations and disgruntled patients; and is centred around the core principle that cosmetic appearance comes second to achieving good health. 

In essence, AADFA’s teachings focus on improving the health of the intra and extra-oral tissues first, using a conservative, minimal approach, which then leads to a natural and appealing aesthetic improvement, rather than simply delivering basic injections and therapies with a “cosmetic” focus to unhealthy tissues, which results in an unnatural and “overdone” outcome, with high rates of patient dissatisfaction and complication. This approach is best understood and implemented by thinking in terms of the different layers of the face—we need to ensure we improve tissue health across all layers, for the overall aesthetic outcome to be optimal. While the patient’s goal may be an aesthetic improvement, we achieve this by making our goal, as Health Professionals, the restoration, optimisation and maintenance of good health. 

Because the typical pattern of dento-facial ageing, deterioration and poor aesthetics is the result of the dynamic, multi-factorial and cumulative effects of various assaults, as well as predictable anatomical/histological changes, in a range of different tissues over time, there is no single, “magic bullet” treatment to restore health, vitality and aesthetics to the facial region. Instead, Dental Practitioners must utilise a variety of proven techniques, applied intra- and extra-orally, that are specifically designed to target each individual layer of the face—different treatments, targeting different structures and different aspects of the ageing/deterioration process. Just as it is no longer enough to simply treat the teeth, it’s not enough to just offer Botox and Dermal Filler alone, so this necessitates training in a series of therapies. 

To achieve the best dento-facial rejuvenation for patients, treatment plans must follow the same basic outline, utilising the least invasive options and those with the lowest potential for complications first, before moving on. The primary goal is to optimise the ability of the skin to repair itself, prior to implementing further, more complex interventions. The order is specifically designed so that each preceding step reduces the reliance on subsequent more invasive, expensive and less reliable therapies. Dental Teams need to learn each technique to be able to create the most appropriate treatment plan for patients—simply applying basic Botox and Dermal Filler is not the best approach and will result is mediocre outcomes. 

Steps in an ideal facial rejuvenation Treatment Plan include: 

1. Protection & Maintenance – establish a scientifically based at-home skincare & lifestyle regime 

2. Active skin rejuvenation therapies – improve health & quality of the skin itself 

3. Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)- reduce problematic muscle activity 

4. Lipolysis – reduce localised fat deposits 

5. Facial Thread Lifting – re-balance & re-drape sagging tissues and facial contours 

6. Dermal Filler – replace areas of volume loss & strengthen tissue proportions and facial contours 

Naturally, in addition to the steps listed above, an ideal treatment plan would also take in to account the underlying dental and skeletal structure. In reality, there is some cross-over between each step in the ideal treatment plan, however, failure to address any one of these steps will mean sub-optimal results for patients. 

These techniques are learnt individually along a pathway of structured, continuous learning, and achieve incredible results when combined to form a multi-pronged, comprehensive and holistic dento-facial treatment plan. Dental Practitioners are really the only healthcare providers who can offer such comprehensive dento-facial care, as they are the only ones who can set the foundations intra-orally, before further enhancing the extra-oral tissues. 

One of AADFA’s fundamental principles is to promote excellence through comprehensive education, offering a series of practical continuing education programs across multiple countries, which have gained recognition from various professional institutions, product suppliers and insurance companies as being the pre-eminent training for dental professionals wishing to expand their services. Upon completing the world’s most comprehensive dento-facial training pathway, you’ll receive an Honorary International Fellowship
in New York.   



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