The average dentist could be sitting on $500,000 – $1M worth of unscheduled treatment plans per year.

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The Dental4Windows team partners with Angus Pryor and his team at Dental Marketing Solutions to deliver dental practices with an all in one, integrated, affordable marketing solution

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Now there’s a way to win back lost bookings and reduce patient attrition by up to 40%.

Research shows the average dental practice has $500,000 to $1 million in unscheduled treatment plans and is losing 20-40% of patients every year. 

While many dentists send out letters, emails, and postcards with appointment reminders, or have their hygienist squeeze in phone calls whenever possible, this can be time-consuming, expensive, inconsistent, and ineffective.

Alas, most dentists fall back on advertising to replace lost bookings and reduce patient attrition, while existing bookings fall through the cracks and unscheduled treatment plans sit idle. 

For every month of recall lag, dentists see a 13% drop in patient recall revenue. For most dentists, that could mean hundreds of patients disappearing through the cracks each year.

Using patient communication software that can automate sending across multiple platforms – print, email, SMS – and personalising messages in professionally designed templates is an effective way to increase engagement with existing patients and increase patient retention. 

When practices engage with patients  via a variety of channels, in a professional and interesting way, they improve the chances of that messaging achieving the desired outcomes. Whether that’s to get patients to book a check-up, take up a special offer, complete a treatment plan, or simply to show they care about their patients with a birthday message or treatment follow-up. Regular, relevant communication is key to keeping patients consistently coming back for their oral health needs.  

With the brand new D4W Mega-Marketing Pack, dentists have access to D4W Marketing, a personalised patient communication module that provides ready-made marketing templates to win back patients and increase bookings, without the need to hire designers, copywriters, or marketing agencies.

The professionally designed templates cover all major communication types, including recalls and promotional activities to automatically stay in touch with patients even on a tight budget. 

It’s becoming apparent in the dental industry that the way patients want to receive information is changing. Patients now prefer to receive personalised, targeted communication and in a variety of ways. Research indicates that personalised direct mail has a success rate of over 40%, compared to email open rates of 15-25%. 

Campaigns available in D4W Marketing ensure practices can communicate with their patients across multiple channels including, printed direct mail, email and social media. 

Working via full integration with Dental4Windows practice management software, D4W Marketing makes regular, professional, high-quality communication easy for busy dental practices needing a solution to this core part of any business’ marketing strategy. 

Alongside the D4W Marketing, the D4W Mega-Marketing Pack also includes a guaranteed SEO service from Australia’s leading dental marketing expert Angus Pryor and his team Dental Marketing Solutions, valued at $799 per month. The SEO package promises to get any dental practice to the first page of Google in 90 days or it’s free.

The D4W Mega-Marketing Pack is currently on offer at a discounted price to BITE Magazine readers for a limited time and early birds will also enjoy $3,388 in exclusive bonuses. 

To learn more about D4W Marketing, the guaranteed SEO service and special bonuses, go online to visit  


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