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High performance, cutting-edge technology that interacts with humans and respect for the environment.

With its six registered patents, N1clave was created to give innovative answers to today’s challenges and the needs of professionals and their teams.

A revolutionary concept in five versions: an unprecedented load-time ratio in the sterilisation cycle, advanced connectivity, and user experience and operation using just tap water, which you can either reuse at the end of the cycle or drain without contaminating the environment.


Time is the most precious resource, both at work and in our private lives. This is the reason why N1clave ensures superior performance, thanks to patented innovative technologies, which increase the cycle speed and dry the instruments perfectly.

Its extraordinary efficiency is perfectly expressed in the ratio between the load capacity of its chamber and the time required to complete a cycle: this ratio allows to see at a glance the difference in performance between N1clave and other autoclaves. For example, N1clave 10 50 can sterilise a 10 kg load in just 50 minutes with reduced power consumption. No other autoclave on the market claims to match this performance.

Touch Technology

A simple touch is all you need to connect to the future of sterilisation. N1clave is the first autoclave that is perfectly in sync with contemporary languages and meets the need to manage each operation and stage in a precise, intuitive and comfortable way. The latest generation connectivity allows you to manage the data of the sterilisation cycles securely and receive precise and timely assistance, the innovative Light Signature accompanies every step and warns about any risk, the elegant and immediate graphic interface allows to use the menus in a simple and innovative way.

In the Cloud

Innovative Web Client puts the most advanced connectivity for the first time in the service of sterilization, with packages of varying services never seen in this field. These services are collected and made available in two different ways: Dashboard and Cloud. 

Thanks to the Dashboard services of the innovative Web Client, you can control the autoclave remotely (checking its status: if it is switched on, working, blocked, and so on), receive communications and alerts, be informed of the need to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.

With the Cloud services, it is possible to track and store all the data of the cycles in a completely safe way, download them and make them available in a PDF or in digitally signed format, identified by a distinctive serial number, which cannot be in any way counterfeited.


N1clave is the first autoclave patented to work with tap water.

That alone tells you how revolutionary it is. But there is more. An extraordinary innovation, due to the Water PerpetualTM  system, with its special patented filters positioned inside the autoclave.

In this way, N1clave increases comfort in sterilization management and takes care of the environment and a precious resource such as water. For environmental sustainability in technology is today’s true innovation.

Simply open the tap, fill a jug with water and pour into the new N1clave. The Water PerpetualTM system, through the Water-In Filters, makes the water quality suitable for the sterilisation cycle. Furthermore, it guarantees a potentially infinite recycling of water, which, when filtered at the end of the sterilisation cycle through the Water-Out Filter can be reused or released already decontaminated into the environment. 

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