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TCO is the biggest consideration in equipment finance

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Consider the overall ownership costs, not just the purchase cost of your equipment.

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The most important thing to consider when it comes to equipment finance is NOT the finance rate, but the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your equipment.

Repeated surveys have proven A-dec dental equipment offers the lowest cost of ownership (Cost of purchase + Cost of operation + Cost of maintenance) and peace of mind. That’s why it’s important to buy the most reputable brand of equipment and choose an experienced full service dealer to maintain patient uptime and lower total costs of ownership of all your equipment.

Presidental is a full service company with technicians in both city and regional areas that only sells the leading brands of dental equipment including A-dec, W&H and Acteon.

They can service your dental

chairs, service and calibrate/validate your sterilisers, and X-ray compliance test your intra- and extra-oral X-ray units all in the one call-out. This avoids the headaches, buck-passing and costs of multiple call-outs with several suppliers.

If your old equipment fails, Presidental has rental equipment

for emergencies and keeps stocks of new equipment on hand to minimise disruption to patients and your income.

Presidental partners with all major finance providers including BOQ Specialist, ANZ Health, Medfin, and more. Ask Presidental to put you in touch with a finance representative near you who is most suited to your needs.

Take advantage of the small business accelerated depreciation benefits and place your order well ahead of 30 June!

Consider these advantages

  • Presidental is one of the top A-dec dealers in Australia, offering you the best service and the best value for leading brands.
  • Presidental has the largest team(s) of customer service reps and technicians in NSW/ ACT including technicians in regional areas. This means better service quality, and quicker response rates, saving you money in missed appointments!
  • Presidental is a preferred partner of private and corporate dentists and clinics in both city and regional areas—from Sydney to Tweed Heads in the north and from Canberra to Albury, and out as far west as Broken Hill.
  • Presidental’s equipment experience means lower service costs and a much higher ROI, not to mention improved patient experience.
  • Presidental guarantees to fix it first time or they pay for the call-back!

Call Presidental for End Of Financial Year specials that will save you money and help you take advantage of tax breaks for qualifying equipment purchases.

Contact Presidental on 1800 773 743 or visit presidental.com.au

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