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The charm of snake oil

Alternative oral-hygiene practices have strident supporters online. Make sure your patients know that nothing beats the products and practices rigorously tested by the scientific community, writes Meg Crawford Strident voices on the internet would have us believe that everything from […]

Teeth whitening supplier denied natural justice

A supplier of teeth whitening products was denied natural justice when its products were recalled, says the Federal Court.

The debate about how harmful take-home tooth-whitening kits really are took an interesting twist this week when the Australian Dental Association (ADA) informed members that a compulsory recall of unsafe tooth whiteners back in 2012 was not valid. In February […]

White fight

Higher levels of peroxide may increase tooth sensitivity, but it’s also proven that more concentrated peroxide gives faster results.

The debate over what is a safe level of peroxide in at-home tooth whitening kits continues, with battle lines drawn between the profession and the industry. A.M. Walsh reports. In the middle ages, dentists and barbers were one profession, dedicated […]