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Dr Amelia Judson—a good influence

Amelia JudsonAmelia Judson, the face behind Velvet Smile, says her goal is to “refresh dentistry, make it cool and make it edible”.

To really make your online presence work, maybe you need the skills of an influencer—as Dr Amelia Judson reveals. By Kerryn Ramsey As a newly graduated dentist at a busy CBD surgery, Dr Amelia Judson has managed to expand her […]

Image makers

What a search for 'dental' will find for you on Pinterest, which has over 70 million users.

Move over, Facebook—Instagram and Pinterest are the new kids on the social-networking block. Kerryn Ramsey explains how your practice can utilise these photo-sharing apps easily and effectively These days, the majority of successful dental practices have an online presence with […]