Bisphossy jaw: is it all in the genes?

New research suggests a genetic link between the use of oral bisphosphonates, commonly prescribed for osteoporosis, and ONJ.

Researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine have identified a genetic variation that raises the risk of developing serious necrotic jaw bone lesions in patients who take bisphosphonates, a common class of osteoclastic inhibitors. The discovery paves the […]

New studies say bisphossy jaw risk is low

A new study says the more bitewing X-rays you have, the greater your risk of a tumour.

Two large studies into osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) published in the Journal of Dental Research have shown that although the use of oral bisphosonates correlates with a heightened risk of developing ONJ, the actual risk itself remains low. The […]

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