mouth cancer

Half the population ignore mouth cancer symptoms

Dental pain: half in your teeth, half in your wallet.Dental pain: half in your teeth, half in your wallet.

Half of people would leave a non-healing mouth ulcer longer than recommended, potentially leaving a mouth cancer symptom going undetected, according to new research conducted last month by the British Dental Health Foundation. The survey of 2044 people found only […]

Major rise forecast for world mouth cancer cases

Lifestyle factors like drinking and smoking remain major risk factors for mouth cancer.

World-wide cases of mouth cancer are forecast to rise by nearly two thirds by 2030. The International Agency for Research on Cancer predicts that over 790,000 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer by 2030—an increase of over 63 per […]

New studies say bisphossy jaw risk is low

A new study says the more bitewing X-rays you have, the greater your risk of a tumour.

Two large studies into osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) published in the Journal of Dental Research have shown that although the use of oral bisphosonates correlates with a heightened risk of developing ONJ, the actual risk itself remains low. The […]