children’s oral health

Caring for kids’ teeth below par, global survey finds

kids' teethCopyright: oksun70 / 123RF Stock Photo

On the occasion of last month’s World Oral Health Day, FDI World Dental Federation asked parents around the world how they cared for their children’s oral health growing up and the responses—including from Australians—suggest room for improvement. A survey carried […]

Victorian baby teeth predict health of children

The levels of certain isotopes in baby teeth from the Victorian era are helping researchers learn about maternal health.

The team from the Universities of Bradford and Durham analysed the teeth of children and adults from two 19th century cemeteries, one at a Workhouse in Ireland where famine victims were buried and the other in London, which holds the […]

The global children’s oral health challenge

Children's oral healthIn developing countries, the number of children who suffer pain and discomfort due to poor oral health is increasing.

A new research project from the University of Copenhagen has established an effective model for the fight against the escalating burden of tooth decay among children in Asia. The model is an important tool in breaking the social inequity in […]

Queensland desperate to stop the rot

The oral health of children in some parts of Queensland is suffering.

After mandatory water fluoridation in Queensland was rolled back by the current State government, the latest report on children’s oral health in that state makes for grim reading. Children who live in areas of Queensland with fluoridated water are experiencing […]