Big grant for innovative dental product inventor

HyGenie AustraliaCongratulations to HyGenie Australia.

The Australian Government has awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant worth over $566,000 to HyGenie Australia Pty Ltd, an innovative small business dental product manufacturer and member of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA). The grant was awarded to support the commercialisation of a world-first […]

New medical devices tax wipes out tax cut benefit

New medical devices tax

Proposals from the Australian Government to impose new cost imposts on suppliers of low-risk medical devices will eliminate the entire benefit of its tax cuts for many small businesses in Australia’s dental industry, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has stated. […]

2018 ADIA research grant tackles periodontitis


Pioneering research to address chronic periodontitis has been awarded an ‘Australian Dental Industry Association Research Grant’ by the Australian Dental Research Foundation. The award—which is funded by the Australian Dental Industry Association—was provided to Associate Professor Neil O’Brien-Simpson from the University of Melbourne Dental […]

ADIA critiques Sydney uni paper on dental industry

Copyright: sph1410 / 123RF Stock Photo

An academic paper that seeks to foster debate on the relationship between the dental industry and dental profession, particularly insofar as the provision of gifts is concerned, has been cautiously welcomed by the ADIA. The paper entitled ‘Looking Gift-horses in the Mouth: Gift-giving, […]