Survey finds people too busy to brush their teeth


British adults don’t have time to brush their teeth twice a day, a recent survey from the Oral Health Foundation shows. 

This mirrors similar findings in surveys conducted by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Indeed, the ADA has said it plans to tackle the issue during this year’s Dental Health Week in August when it asks people, supported by evidence in Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, ‘How is Your Oral Health Tracking?’ 

According to the UK survey, one in five regularly miss brushing their teeth in the morning because they are running late, and one in four skip brushing their teeth at night because they get home too late.

The poll also showed men are less likely to brush their teeth than women, are more than twice as likely to blame their partners for distracting them and are more likely to blame work commitments.

“It would be easy to suggest these findings represent the demands of 21st century life,” Oral Health Foundation CEO Dr Nigel Carter said.

“But there really is no defence for overlooking your health. The health of your teeth plays an extremely important role in your overall wellbeing.”


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