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Blended delivery, innovative solutions and the latest research and clinical concepts underpin a wholistic approach to enabling dental professionals to choose from a well-developed curriculum which includes courses and programs delivered traditionally, remotely or using combination methodology and forms the basis of Straumann Group’s leading educational program.

Why the commitment to education matters?

It is essential that professionals who use our innovative products and solutions have the skills, knowledge and experience to use them optimally. Straumann Group ranks among the global leaders in training and education, offering courses geared to meet high clinical expectations and to cater to individual needs of dental professionals. Our programs range from basic to highly complex procedures, ensuring that all clinicians are equipped to develop and grow. 

How has this helped recently?

Education has been a key support for dental practitioners during these challenging times. Straumann Group has provided state of the art education and insights by leading clinicians and researchers all around the world during this time. Hands-on programs will continue to be delivered remotely as well as in person in 2021.

straumann group education

From introductory programs such as Straumann® Smart through to deconstructing the latest clinical techniques the emphasis is on delivering tailored content which adds value to recipients. For example, Smart is a wholistic program designed to enable clinicians to step into implant dentistry with confidence. It’s unique modular approach follows a structured implant workflow and moves clinicians through initial implant placement, fully supported by skilled mentors. 

The comprehensive Straumann Group program combines a well-developed local program with reputed local experts and a global program which offers remote learning CE as well as direct programs with international presenters. Contact your Straumann Specialist for further information on courses that suit your individual needs.

Education that is further enriched with networking support, remotely and in person, through Study Clubs, discussion groups and events ensures any time is time for education!


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