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Stern Weber is constantly deriving inspiration from the most progressive dental professionals and turning its technologies into new opportunities for frontline dentists. 

Focused on ensuring top performance, Stern Weber provides today’s dental surgeons with technological innovations to shape tomorrow’s medical world.

Innovative, exclusive patient chair movements make treatment more practical

Available on the S280TRC, S300 and S320TR, the patient chair horizontal sliding movement can be synchronised with backrest movement or executed independently of it. Where synchronised with backrest movement, horizontal sliding minimises any compression or stretching of the patient’s back and provides extra operating space for dentists who work in the 12 o’clock position. Horizontal displacement of the seat sees the dentist gain an equal amount of operating space behind the patient’s head, a considerable advantage where space is at a premium. 

The new Venus LED MCT light is a major step forward in the development of clinical lighting. The colour-rendering index (CRI) exceeds 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity. It is also possible to use three colour temperatures, allowing users to select just the right lighting. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux.

To keep pace with technological developments, the Stern Weber product range features Internet connectivity. This latest innovation provides access to optional digital services that improve dental surgery efficiency.

Stern Weber

New range overview:

S200: The S200 model includes a version for orthodontists and maximises patient comfort. 

The LCD touch screen, with optional endodontic functions, also lets dentists view electronic apex locator status.  Thanks to the broad selection of hygiene systems, instruments and optional multimedia applications, dentists can customise the S200 to suit their individual needs.

S300: The S300 incorporates the latest dental technology. More specifically, the control panel with Multitouch 7” display and powerful microprocessor maximises control of dynamic instruments and integrated systems. 

S220TR: Integrated treatment centre with floor-mounted unit body, with five different models providing five different ergonomic solutions. Designed for dentists who want a flexible, reliable, dental unit equipped with systems, functions and high-end accessories to meet their every need.

S320TR: The new S320TR control panel incorporates a powerful multitouch 7” display. Maximum clinical performance for those who practise, in addition to conservative dentistry, implantology and endodontics. All the elements used for endodontic treatment are integrated into the S320TR electronics and control software. Selecting IMPLANT mode turns the Full Touch control panel into a surgery-dedicated interface. Featuring graphics and functions similar to those on the classic display, the interface ensures the same user-friendliness.

S280TRC: Innovative, integrated functions and systems allow for made-to-measure configurations. The unique design of the dental unit, with its suspended patient chair, provides the dental team with exclusive ergonomic features, such as the sliding function, and patient comfort. 

S380TRC: The well-being of the patient, the comfort of the dental staff and performance, all combined in the S380TRC. 

A compact design, lighter key elements and exclusive ergonomic concepts, all in perfect balance. A combination of precision and technological innovation, the S380TRC offers a patient chair in a class of its own. With synchronised movements and lateral seat rotation, each function offers outstanding comfort in all operating positions. 

With no obstruction of floor space, the shape of the chair perfectly accommodates the patient, allowing the dental professional and staff maximum accessibility to the operating zone.  

A unit that meets every specific clinical need. The new console, with a 7” multi-touch display and a powerful microprocessor, for maximum control of the dynamic instruments and integrated systems, is the beating heart of the S380TRC. 

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