SoproLIFE aids diagnosis and case acceptance

 intra-oral camera
Caries is revealed by the red fluorescence in the occlusal fissure. Green indicates health dentine.

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Dental practitioners around Australia are embracing the proven benefits of SoproLIFE intra-oral cameras in improving diagnosis, aiding treatment and boosting case acceptance by their patients.

The technology builds trust between the doctor and patient, and has proven a real ‘practice builder’ by dentists and hygienists using SoproLIFE in their routine dental examinations and treatment plans.

 intra-oral camera.
SoproLIFE intra-oral camera.

The SoproLIFE marries high-resolution intra-oral images with the power of auto-fluorescence when dentine is exposed to fluorescent light of a specific wavelength.

The resultant images displayed on a video screen provide a strong visual representation of problem areas such as occlusal or interproximal decay—even in its earliest stages, together with demineralised dentine that is not visible to the naked eye or on X-ray images.

SoproLIFE’s powerful 115x magnification provides sharp images in macro mode and the unique ‘diagnosis’ and ‘treatment’ modes help differentiate ‘infected’ and
caries-‘affected’ areas of dentine.

In ‘diagnostic’ mode, caries—which may be hidden behind benign looking pits and fissures—glows an angry dark red, indicating a problem requiring further investigation. Healthy dentine glows a bright fluorescent green, while areas of demineralised dentine range from dull green to whitish gray, indicating potential future trouble spots.

In ‘treatment’ mode the fluorescence feature is used on macro setting during excavation of the tooth to show the extent of caries, which shows up as bright red on the video monitor, and helps differentiate it from caries-affected scar tissue that appears orange in colour.

This feature is invaluable in the practice of minimally invasive dentistry as it allows the practitioner to excavate only infected tissue and to allow non-infected dentine to heal.

It also provides an invaluable medico-legal record of all treatments performed. The ease of image acquisition at the swipe of a finger allows suspect teeth and older restorations to be saved to the patient file and the teeth to be monitored over time to decide if and when intervention is necessary.

A similar device, the SoproCARE, provides early warning of gum inflammation and gingivitis. It also clearly highlights both new and established plaque build-up without the need for messy disclosing solutions, promoting improved oral hygiene and repeat visits. 

The SoproLIFE and SoproCARE are available from authorised A-dec dealers in Australia and can be easily integrated into the delivery system to display on a chair-mounted patient monitor, or via USB onto any attached monitor such as a laptop computer.

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