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digital dental chair

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A seamless confluence of all things digital for the best human experience!

Diplomat Model Pro is the smart chair that is the missing link in the modern Dental practice bringing together all existing digital workflow and platforms to the ultimate focal point- the chairside. Truly designed for the 21st century with cutting edge features and quality control programs at a competitive price making it a product that truly overdelivers.

A glance at some of it’s features: 


A feature yet to be seen in any other Dental chair: a tab-controlled chair via the Diplomat Connect App. The Diplomat Connect App can sync with your practice management software allowing you direct easy vision access to patient details and history at the chairside, project on the monitor intra oral photos, and X-rays. Torque control for implants or apex locator you name it and its possible. An interchangeable tab and a multiple user-friendly app make transition between rooms and practices a breeze. With all screen use and controls within 180-degrees, ergonomics and infection control is simplified like never before.


Say goodbye to separate chairs for the left-handed dentist and inconvenient mobile units when the change from right to left-handed user takes no more than a couple of minutes! This kind of adaptability is exactly what we need in multi chair practices to provide for multiple users as well as specific procedure-based rooms. 

digital dental chair


Love at first seat is what the Model Pro really is all about. With the app changing positions is a swipe away or preset your most used one’s.  The Best Memory Foam & easy cleaning is sure to keep everybody relaxed. 


A smooth installation by expert serviced technicians from the Authorized Australian Distributor William Green Pty Ltd. backed up by customer focused service. Avoid unnecessary service call out fees with remote diagnostics making it possible to fix the issue remotely or if that’s not possible a prepared technician coming in to solve a pre diagnosed problem saving you precious chairside time. You focus on dentistry let us worry about the chair. 


Wondering how soon your new chair will be outdated with new features and technology coming in everyday? Not only can you update things as and when the Diplomat Connect App has updates you can also upgrade your chair and retrofit additional features as and when you need them.


Don’t just get what’s available—customise it! Whether its general dentistry or specialized dentistry or a chair for hygienists you can pick and choose, or you can have it all. Options for implant and endodontic handpieces, inbuilt torque control and apex locator. Intraoral camera for the assistant? 

digital dental chair


A fully integrated infection control system flushes suction hoses between patients in no time. Double valves ensure only what you lift is working & prevent contamination of central water. Suction system filters of Model PRO are easily accessible from outside for cleaning and replacing in seconds. The distilled water bottle is filled via the cuspidor with or without a central water supply.

Upgrade your Chair! Downgrade your stress!   

Contact us for a Showroom Demo or an AI simulation in your dental practice.

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