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dental microscopes
Above and below: The Zumax OMS 2380 dental microscope incorporates all the latest technology, including an LED lightsource and an integrated super balancing arm.

Today, in all specialists’ dental practices it is common knowledge that working in a small, poorly lit and confined spaces is challenging. Often, procedural treatment outcomes and success are based on small margins.

During the last ten years clinicians have not only gained basic and scientific knowledge but has also adapted and incorporated new technologies like a dental microscope and thereby improve their vision of the operational field.

The recent launch of the Zumax new range of dental microscopes has further enhanced the working environment and outcome of many and varied dental procedures.

The new OMS 2380 dental microscope has managed to incorporate all latest technologies including the capacity to use various mobile phones to view, record and archive individual procedures. Additionally, the OMS 2380 offer numerous interface options from most DSLR cameras and general rerecording products.

The Zumax range also offer the option of an 2D HD camera together with a SD Card for storage or direct connection to a selected date network via a LAN connection. The recording system has the ability to take still images and save all data to the internal SD card. Images may be reviewed by a simple click of a mouse. The HD resolution superior color performance and fidelity together with an outstanding output of 1080/60P resolution from HDMI including increased resolution of up to 900 TV lines.

dental microscopes

The entire Zumax range of microscopes feature an LED light source as standard, offering very low power consumption, longer lifetime and greater durability and reliability. The LED offers the added advantage of being of low voltage rather the high voltage offered by other technologies like the use of xenon bulbs. The LED light also offer an appropriate light temperature similar to that of natural daylight. This enhances the visualisation and offer better photography and general documentation.

The integrated super balancing arm ensure an ultra-smooth and fluid perfect balance repositioning of the microscope, even when external accessories have been attached.

Another feature of the Zumax range of dental microscopes is the Integrated Vario Dist Objective lens offering and market leading working distance range from 200 mm to 450 mm offering a zoomable distance @ 250 mm—the optimal range for dentistry.

All adjustments, including taking pictures and controlling recording activities are easily accessed by one hand (left or right) as are all the mechanical adjustments including focusing knob, magnification knob, filter and LED brightness. A variety of Bluetooth foot controllers are also available for general imaging manipulation. 

Henry Schein Halas is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand supplier of Zumax dental microscopes.


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