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At first glance, the SoproCARE® may look like a normal intraoral camera, but it is in fact a powerful diagnostic aid that improves the accuracy of diagnosis of both caries and early periodontal problems and greatly boosts treatment acceptance. 

Dentists and oral health therapists using SoproCARE (and partner product, SoproLIFE®) report increased case acceptance when patients see for themselves areas requiring treatment. 

SoproCARE is the world’s first 3-in-1 diagnostic intraoral camera combining “Perio”, “Cario” and “Daylight” modes (including macro), in the one revolutionary hand-held device.

Harnessing the power of fluorescence, SoproCARE can detect early onset caries, together with gingival inflammation and plaque build-up not visible to the naked eye.

Perio Mode

The unique “Perio” mode reveals new and old dental plaque and calculus, by visually displaying fluorescence-enhanced plaque deposits on a linked video monitor – without the need for messy disclosing solutions.

The fluorescent light also accentuates gingival inflammation – from mild gum irritation to periodontitis and displays the result in graphic colour for the dental practitioner to explain to the patient.

Caries Mode

Building on the technology first seen in Acteon’s SoproLIFE® caries detection device, the SoproCARE also features a “cario” mode, which clearly identifies occlusal caries of the enamel and even the underlying dentine.

Even mild Stage I caries (Code ICDAS II) is clearly indicated by a bright red colour in the suspect area. This “red flag” is generated by the reflection of fluorescence of the tooth structure when exposed to light of a certain wavelength produced by the SoproCARE. This is especially useful for anxious patients and those reluctant to undergo X-rays.

Macro Mode

In normal “daylight” mode, SoproCARE provides natural “daylight” illumination of tooth details at up to 115 times magnification in sharp detail to clearly identify cracks and small lesions not visible to the naked eye and sometimes difficult to detect even using loupes.

This unique combination of features makes SoproCARE the most comprehensive non-invasive and radiation-free intraoral diagnostic device available to dentists and oral health therapists. It is also the winner of a Red Dot award for medical product design.

Because it helps spot trouble early, SoproCARE supports prophylactic intervention and minimally invasive treatment, while educating patients on their clinical and oral hygiene needs and greatly bolstering case acceptance should restorative treatments be required.

Easy to use

Despite its advanced features, SoproCARE is very easy to use, with a simple rotation of the dial switching between the clearly labelled Perio, Cario and Daylight modes.

The inbuilt preset focus provides instant sharp images with excellent depth of field. Still images can be captured with just a swipe of the fingertip and saved to patient records.

It takes just one click to easily go from Portrait, Smile, Intra-oral, and Macro fields of view to perform a comprehensive examination of both hard and soft tissue, including the ability to capture the whole face, smile, single or multiple teeth.

SoproCARE is the way of the future in minimally invasive dentistry and more informed decision-making. 

Sopro intra-oral cameras can be easily integrated into the A-dec delivery system and attached monitor. Sopro cameras are available from A-dec and authorised Acteon distributors.  

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