Say goodbye to plastic tips!

implant scalers
The ImplaMate® Implant scaler by Nordent.

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ImplaMate® Implant Scalers by Nordent, now available with micro-mini patterns & come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

ImplaMate Scalers and Curettes feature tips made from Class 5 Titanium, the same material as implant abutments. The ImplaMate tips are specially designed and manufactured to safely glide over the implant surface while efficiently removing debris. The thin, solid titanium tips allow access in the tight areas, and are rugged enough to provide the performance of traditional scalers. ImplaMate instruments never need to sharpening, and feature a purple tint for easy identification. ImplaMate instruments can be sterilised by any method and require no special handling procedures. 

A difference you can feel

  • Eliminate any worries about flexing tips and burnished calculus, with the firmness of traditional scalers
  • SafeEdge tips designed to simply glide over surfaces and remove debris without any safety concerns
  • Access all those hard-to-reach areas with slender tips that are easy to adapt
  • Implant maintenance made safe, easy and effective

Now by popular demand, our ImplaMate Langer Curettes are available with micro-mini tips. These designs feature shorter and narrower blades, providing exceptional access around abutments with tightly attached tissue.


There are 9 patterns, all featuring our DuraLite ColorRings handle, Anterior Sickle Scaler #6/7 (CEISN67), Posterior Sickle Scaler #204S (CEIS204S), Universal Barnhart Curette #5/6 (CEISBH5-6), the Langer series (CEISLN1-2, CEISLN3-4, CEISLN5-6) and the Langer micro-mini series (CEISLN1-2MM, CEISLN3-4MM, CEISLN5-6MM).

The Nordent Difference – LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

For more than 40 years, Nordent has been providing innovative products and solutions, designed for real practitioners working in the real world. Our craftsmen take great pride in producing the finest instruments for you. With Nordent you are assured of practical solutions, superior products and a commitment to those who matter most—our customers. 

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