Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection


Sapphire-300Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection by Dr Adrian Kat, Advanced Dental Artistry, Morley, WA

The Sapphire Plus detects oral cancer and pre-cancerous lesions more quickly and more accurately than a visual investigation. With mouth cancers being the sixth most common cancer in Australia, dentists should be on the front line in early detection.

What’s good about it: The unit shines a green fluorescent light onto the tissue of the mouth causing normal cells to fluoresce green. Cancerous and pre-cancerous cells have mutated so they don’t have natural fluorescence and appear as dark patches. These lesions are often not visible under white light. A camera attaches to the light so a photo can be taken of the results. This is a powerful light that can also be used for high-speed curing. A normal curing light takes about 20 seconds but this one can cure in five seconds. With the addition of another attachment, it can be used as a whitening light as well. Patients are impressed by the high-tech aspect of the Sapphire Plus and often comment that their last dentist never used anything like it. I believe every dentist should be screening for mouth cancers as it’s so important to have an early diagnosis. It really should be a standard of care.

What’s not so good: It’s quite large.It comes on a trolley, but it’s not very portable.

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