Safer implant placement with NSK Surgic Pro

safe implant placement

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The NSK Surgic Pro is a vital piece of equipment to safely do implant procedures in these current times. Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr Sam Verco found it useful because he had no choice but to stay open during Victoria’s pandemic lockdowns. 

“We believe that, as a specialist practice and in the line of work that we’re doing, we had that community service obligation to provide those emergency treatments to patients,” he says. “We’re the end

the line for a lot of dentists. Also, we had to remain open to keep patients out of a hospital setting. In that first lockdown there was concern over PPE supplies and keeping patients out of a hospital environment, as much as possible.”

Dr Verco’s practice, Victorian Oral & Facial Surgeons, faced the same aerosol dangers any general dentist would, though. “We’re all working in the oral cavity, so that’s a relatively high-risk aerosol generating procedure,” he says. “In our practice we’ve taken a lot of precautions to help reduce our risks. We’ve put HEPA filters in our surgery, the same as in a hospital operating theatre. We wear positive air pressure respirator masks for all of our procedures. We check all of our patients prior to any procedure for COVID, so I believe that we’ve taken a lot of precautions to reduce our risk.”

safe implant placement
Dr Sam Verco (above) took a number of steps to operate safely during the pandemic. A key tool was his NSK Surgic Pro.

On top of that, they are looking at UV light as a high-level disinfectant in their surgeries. They clean the sterilisation areas every night. They have been testing staff and patients. But perhaps the most important piece of equipment is their handpiece. And when it comes to choosing a handpiece, Dr Verco and his team have always turned to NSK.

“The NSK Surgic Pro is our work horse,” he says. “We use that for all of our in-house surgical procedures. We’ve got two sites and we’ve got two surgeries in each site. We have four of the motors that we use in our local anaesthetic rooms and use that for all of our surgical extractions. We also use it for all of our digital implant placements in our local anaesthetic rooms and in all of our hospital facilities. There are four different hospitals that our surgeons operate out of and we’ve got one of the NSK Surgic Pros in each of those locations for our implant placement under general anaesthetic.”

Dr Verco has used the NSK Surgic Pro for years because of their reliability and robustness. “We use them on a daily basis and we’ve had zero issues from them.”

The design of the handpiece has proven to be important in minimising aerosol spread during procedures. “We can tailor the amount of irrigation a lot more during a procedure. That helps with attaining the right level of irrigation and minimal aerosol generation.”

The working relationship with NSK helps as well, he says. “We’ve had a good working relationship over the years,” says Dr Verco. “We now have 20 straight hand pieces and 10 angled hand pieces which we’re using regularly. We get them serviced on an as-needs basis. We’ve got the NSK iCare hand piece oiler that we use and we’ve got an autoclave that we use as part of our sterilisation and cleaning protocols. I think over the five years we’ve had to service each of the straight hand pieces probably once to twice. The angled hand pieces, a lot of them have just worked as new all the way through so we haven’t had to service them during that time.”  

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