Running a dental practice is complex. Here’s how to simplify it

centralised online platform

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Streamlined daily operations are essential for greater efficiency, a harmonious working environment, and reduced errors and risk in your practice. One way to do that is to use a centralised online platform such as PracticeHub. You can customise and set up your practice management procedures, store all documentation in one place and automate regular tasks, so tracking and compliance is quick and easy.

Creating a safer, more efficient dental practice takes planning at first, so here are some key areas for you and your team to consider.

Infection control

The pandemic has highlighted the need for infection control procedures to be flexible and easily implemented. Keeping your processes in a cloud-based platform like PracticeHub means your team can access them easily, and you can track and confirm their understanding of any updates, which helps keep them and your patients safe.

To maintain safety, conduct regular audits, both internally or via an external auditor and involve your whole team in these, so everyone’s up to date with training and procedures.

Equipment maintenance

Dental equipment is expensive! So, you want to look after it. Scheduling maintenance tasks ensures they are done on time. One way to do this is to create a register including details such as:

  • Who is responsible for managing service agreements and recording repairs, servicing and calibration.
  • Location of documents such as user manuals, calibration reports, warranties.
  • Your procedure for equipment breakdowns.
  • Processes and dates for staff training in correct equipment use and cleaning.

PracticeHub incorporates maintenance, contracts and insurance registers to simplify upkeep of your dental equipment. You can store related documents, set maintenance schedules and assign responsibilities, integrating these with your general policies and procedures for easier cross referencing.

Risk and quality improvement 

Providing safer dental services to your patients is an ongoing commitment. Keeping registers and conducting regular audits on risk management and quality improvement ensures that commitment.

With customisable registers like those in PracticeHub, you can keep these clinical, business and safety risks together with an organisation-wide risk register. This way they’re easy to find and provide an overview of allyour practice risks.

Looking after your team

Your practice team, from practitioners to hygienists and admin staff, are your most valuable asset. Investing in their wellbeing makes for a better performing practice. And to do this, clear, transparent communication is crucial. From induction to position descriptions, training and team meetings, fostering an open, two-way ‘whole team’ approach empowers each individual and creates a harmonious workplace – which your patients appreciate as well!

Documenting your team’s compliance with policies and procedures is essential, to eliminate risk of confusion or disputes. Customisable templates, such as those in PracticeHub, let you tailor your policies and procedures on: position descriptions, tasks, roles, responsibilities, code of conduct and social media policy. Staff can sign that they’ve read and understood each policy, and you have an easy-to-access, centrally-stored audit trail of policy changes, to make tracking updates and sign-offs simple. 

You’ll find more tips on running an efficient dental practice in our recent webinar.

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