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Dr Cecilia So developed an interest in oral surgery when she started as a hospital dental officer in 2004, soon after graduating from the University of Sydney. Dr So went on to pursue her interest in oral surgery as a Senior House Officer in Exeter, United Kingdom, before returning to Sydney,  where she continued to build her experience.

Over the last four years, Dr So has invested more time into building a private practice. “I started my own visiting dental service managing difficult extractions and implant surgery for friends and colleagues,” says Dr So, who has now limited her practice to surgical dentistry and implant dentistry, and works with practices across Sydney, always bringing her own equipment. She explains: “It is difficult to do surgical extractions without a surgical handpiece and electric motor. A traditional dental handpiece for restorative work is not designed to remove bone, and has limitations when it comes to sectioning teeth, especially in hard-to-reach posterior areas like upper molars. An air-driven motor will slow down when you increase the resistance against your bur, whereas an electric-driven handpiece will deliver consist torque and speed with maximum control of the bur rotation needed for surgery.”

Surgery should not be an unpleasant experience. It’s something Dr So says she hears too often from patients: “Last time I had a tooth out, it took hours, and it was a bad experience.” She tries to dispel their fears and reassure them, that with the right environment, experience, and equipment, a difficult surgical extraction can be a positive and reasonably pain-free experience.

I want my patient to leave my appointment saying, “That wasn’t as bad as I expected.”

Dr So believes that in order to perform surgical procedures, it’s crucial to have a surgical unit which delivers consistent torque to your handpiece, provides sterile saline irrigation, and has a reliable electric motor. The NSK Surgic Pro gives her the control and reliability she needs to feel confident while operating. “If you’re going to do surgical extractions, it’s worthwhile investing in the right tools to do the right job.

For example, take difficult upper molar extractions: “If we’re not using the surgical handpiece and an electric-driven motor, the irrigation through the dental lines are not sterile, and the handpiece cord attached to the cart also limits the movement of your handpiece to access the surgical site, drilling of tooth or bone is not as efficient and hence the procedure takes a longer time to complete. Then, there’s the added risk of surgical emphysema.”

Another reason Dr So brings her own equipment to the practices is that the NSK Surgic Pro has a sterile saline irrigation system. “The saline is pumped at a rate I can control, and it is automatically directed to the surgical site, through a nozzle attached to the surgical handpiece. It is a really easy system to use.

“The key to good tissue management is to keep your surgical site cool. If there’s inadequate cooling, the patient can experience increased pain, swelling and other related problems. Hence the NSK Surgic Pro provides control and consistent flow of saline to your surgical site. If you are looking into performing surgical extractions, look into using NSK Surgic Pro, because it will definitely improve the outcome of your extractions.”

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