Ride of your life

Dr Peter Duke of Western Smiles Dental Care in Mirrabooka, WA, likes nothing better than taking family, friends and staff for a ride on his turbo-charged jet ski

Once a year we rent a house for a weekend and take our practice team to the town of Mandurah, 70kms south of Perth. The house sits on a canal system that leads to the ocean and we bring two jet skis so everyone can have a ride. There are always lots of dolphins in the water around Mandurah and we can usually interact closely with the pods. It’s a great weekend away and tremendous for team building and bonding.

“As a kid growing up in the UK I always had an interest in sailing. It wasn’t until I moved to Perth that I had my first ride on a jet ski. It was a huge amount of fun and excitement—I’d never had such an experience of speed on the water.

“Within 12 months, I purchased a 1300cc Yamaha jet ski. I would explore the Swan River and ride it down to the ocean and back. I felt like I was really integrating with Perth and having heaps of fun in the process. My children were quite small at the time and they loved going for a ride.

“After about four years, I upgraded to a turbo-charged 1800cc jet ski but kept the old one for my wife. My particular jet ski has 220 horsepower and a top speed of over 100 km/h on the water—even with a passenger on the back. We go off for family days on the Swan River, picnicking and taking friends with us. The kids love it when we attach a couple of tow-tubes and take them for a ride.

“We go on little adventures every now and then. We’ll launch from a nearby harbour, travel down the coast for about 30kms and dock at Fremantle for breakfast. Then we turn around and come back. We tend to hug the coastline so we can see all the surf clubs and iconic landmarks of Perth.

“I only go high performance when the conditions on the ocean are absolutely ideal. When you are travelling at high speed, a small wave in the wrong direction can knock you off. I love just freestyling around, doing doughnuts and wave jumps.

“A couple of hours on the jet ski is like a long weekend away. You never reach a saturation point where you feel like you’ve had enough. It can be complete relaxation, exhilarating fun, or a way to enjoy some solitude. I really enjoy all aspects of jetskiing.”

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