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dental monitoring

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Orthodontic treatments are a long-term affair and depend on a lot of factors, the most important being the active engagement of the patient. So how does an orthodontist stay in control of the orthodontic treatment when the patient isn’t in the clinic? Dental Monitoring, of course, a cutting-edge software-based program that allows practitioners to monitor their patients’ treatment remotely via a smartphone.

Dental Monitoring enables practitioners to connect with their patients in a way that has previously never been possible. Dental Monitoring was founded in 2014 and has developed cutting-edge algorithms that perform high-level clinical analysis on images and 3D files, calculate tooth movement remotely, and create photo-realistic simulations A pioneer of Artificial Intelligence in dentistry, Dental Monitoring has a family of software solutions to help dental professionals make high-quality care accessible, convenient and efficient, at all stages of the patient journey. The three platforms include:

Dental Monitoring, the flagship product, is a customisable cloud-based platform for clinical monitoring and communication automation. The Dental Monitoring software is made up of three integrated platforms; a smartphone application for patients, a tooth movement tracking algorithm, and an online Doctor Dashboard where practitioners receive updates of their patients’ progress. Firstly, the orthodontist uploads an initial scan to the Doctor Dashboard, then the patient takes a pre-treatment video examination using the ScanBox on their own smartphone. Dental Monitoring uses the initial scan and the pre-treatment video to establish a baseline of tooth position and occlusion from which to calculate future movement. 

dental monitoring

SmileMate which combines the power of a smartphone with advanced artificial intelligence to connect patients with treatment solutions and works as an early assessment tool to screen.

Vision uses advanced algorithms to create realistic simulations of treatment outcomes based on the patient’s real teeth, not just images selected from a library. Through artificial intelligence, your patients won’t have to imagine what they will look like, all it takes is an iPad and the Vision app to instantly generate realistic simulations of patients’ future smiles.

The purpose of Dental Monitoring is to allow doctors to monitor their patients remotely to provide a more connected and convenient patient experience with better treatment outcomes. The aim is to enhance the standard of care for all patients seeking treatment through a licensed doctor.  

Acknowledging that technology is a true disruption in the dental industry, Dental Monitoring has worked since inception with clinical advisors to ensure a perfect match with the needs of practitioners. 

Our priority is to provide the best products and services to orthodontists and dentists, and we remain focused on this mission. Dental Monitoring aims to standardise the use of digital, AI-powered tools in dentistry, and help dental professionals reinvent the patient journey.

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