Recognising an industry leader


Directors, members and staff of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) have congratulated Pam Clark AO who was appointed as an Officer in the general division of the Order of Australia. The announcement was made by Government House during the 2017 Queens Birthday celebrations.

ADIA national president Phil Jolly said that thanks to Clark’s contribution, the association has undergone a significant transformation in recent years.

“ADIA’s mission is to help our members grow sustainable businesses through representation, promotion, information and education. Through her active and enduring support for ADIA, Pam has contributed to our ability to achieve real and lasting goals in this area,” Jolly said.

Clark served as ADIA National President between 2006-10 and as a national Director for some 17 years. Since 2011, she has served as the chair of ADIA’s national policy committee that brings members together to develop agreed approaches to issues associated with medical device regulation. According to Clark, this is the most rewarding aspect of her work.

“It’s been a genuine privilege to work with so many colleagues from across the dental industry who set aside their competing commercial interests in order to progress matters where there is a common agenda,” she said.

Another area where Clark has provided leadership in bringing the dental industry and dental profession together has been the introduction of the Minamata Convention on Mercury that seeks to phase down the use of dental amalgam.

She supported Australian Government representatives in treaty negotiations and as an ADIA appointee to the ADA Dental Instruments and Materials Committee, has helped the dental industry and dental profession develop a common position on the use, capture and recycling of dental amalgam.


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