Practical advice to dentists who’d like more patients

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Remember that feeling?

That special feeling of accomplishment you felt when you were finally ready to open your own dental practice?

You can never re-capture that sheer enthusiasm. Slowly, but surely, it goes away. And it’s often replaced with fear, scepticism, and that terrifying sight that haunts every dentist’s nightmare.

An empty waiting room.

You realise that you have to figure out the business and marketing side of running a dental practice on the fly—on top of running your practice!


They don’t teach this in dental school.

Which is why many dentists come to me and ask: How can I get more patients? How can I understand online marketing? 

I will explain below the single most important concept in online marketing. It applies to dental practices of all sizes, it’s true in any location, and yes, it will help you get more patients. 

Consider this analogy: Imagine you have a billboard with an ad on it. Where would you want that billboard to be? In a place with a lot of traffic, certainly, but also, traffic that would be useful to you. 

You wouldn’t want to get your ad seen by people that don’t care about your offer. The same principle applies in online marketing. You need to think of traffic. And you need to think of audience. 

So, who is your target audience? Who is your ideal patient? You need think deeply about what their profile would look like. Age range. Gender. Social life. Family and financial status—plus anything else unique to your audience. 

After you identify who your target audience is, you can then figure out which high traffic online platforms your audience is using, how they they’re using them and what’s the best way to get their attention. 

In other words, you put yourself into your patients’ shoes. 

Then, thinking like they do, you can find the right communication channels, you can send the right advertisements, and make them the best offers. 

This raises response rates massively. More people will call you. You will have more appointments. Your dental practice grows and, well, so does your bottom line. 

Understand, online marketing is a world filled with hundreds of tools and methods. There’s so much advice, and so many options that it can definitely be confusing to figure out what to do next.

And the danger is that the most shiny, complicated methods look better. But are they? In my experience—and the experience of dozens of my clients—they’re not.

Remember my practical advice: Think like your ideal patient and focus your marketing on the platform they’re most likely to use. 

When creating your advertisements, get into your patients’ shoes and ask yourself:

1. Is this something that would get my attention?

2. Is this something I’d like to share with my family and friends?

3. Is this something that stands out from all the standard dental ads or posts?

And, most importantly, never forget: Is there a direct call to action or clear next step to take advantage of your service or offer?

If you take my advice seriously, you’ll have an (almost unfair) advantage compared to dentists that never read this article.  

When creating or reviewing all marketing, think like your ideal patient. Always. 

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