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Repurposing an old building

Repurposing an old building is hard work but worth it. Repurposing an old building into a modern dental...

Designing a dental practice … here’s how

Designing a dental practice that brings in the right clientele involves much more than getting the colour palette just so and choosing the right furniture....

Erko edge

The Sydney suburb of Erskineville prides itself on being design-savvy with an industrial edge—and Erko Dental fits right in, discovers Kerryn Ramsey. The inner-city Sydney...

Welcome to the comfort zone

A clear design vision and an effective business model has seen Dr Patrick Dang and Lisa Le grow Pyrmont Dental Health into a three-practice...
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autoclave sterilisation

Expert review… KaVo MASTERmatic™ LUX M25L for high-precision preparation

This article is sponsored content brought to you by KaVo Kerr.
handpiece ergonomics

Innovation and ergonomics produce better handpieces

Improved design of the high-speed electric handpiece. This article...
handpiece maintenance

W&H Assistina: The benchmark for handpiece maintenance

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turbine handpick

W&H releases “world’s best turbine!”

Primea Advanced Air: the power of electric, but as light as an...

The new S-Max M series – A leap to the NEXT STAGE

S-Max M series Contra-Angle This article is sponsored content...
rules marketing dental practices online

The rules for marketing dental practices online

How do you go about marketing dental practices...
dental software

Online dental software

Above and below left: The Core Practice software management package simplifies and...
practice management software cloud model

Choosing Practice Management Software for your Clinic

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employee engagement

Learn and earn at the Business Insight Seminars

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dental software

Increase the quality of your patient engagement with Dental4Windows

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portait photography

Picture perfect

A fascination with people has seen Dr Erik...
table tennis

King ping pong

Not only does competitive table tennis help keep...
collector of cars and bikes

Drive time

An avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, Dr Will...
lego builders


Many Lego enthusiasts simply follow the instructions. Dr...

Fight club

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an aggressive form of martial...


CSU expands through rural NSW

As part of the ongoing growth of Charles Sturt University's new dental school, In about a fortnight staff from a public dental clinic in...

Genetic link for tooth decay

New research suggests that variations within an individual's taste pathway genes can impact their risk of dental decay. Previous studies have considered the influence...

Perio therapy reduces risk of preterm birth

US scientists have found a strong link between the success of gum disease treatment and the likelihood of giving birth prematurely. There are a...

Caries runs in the family

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, have found that mothers with untreated tooth decay are more likely to have children with the...

Asthma not linked to decay

There is no apparent link between asthma and tooth decay, according to a study published in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of...