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Repurposing an old building

Repurposing an old building is hard work but worth it. Repurposing an old building into a modern dental...

Designing a dental practice … here’s how

Designing a dental practice that brings in the right clientele involves much more than getting the colour palette just so and choosing the right furniture....

Erko edge

The Sydney suburb of Erskineville prides itself on being design-savvy with an industrial edge—and Erko Dental fits right in, discovers Kerryn Ramsey. The inner-city Sydney...

Welcome to the comfort zone

A clear design vision and an effective business model has seen Dr Patrick Dang and Lisa Le grow Pyrmont Dental Health into a three-practice...
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how to write a business plan

How to write a business plan

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setting up in private practice

10 things to consider when setting up in private practice

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dental claims

Top 5 lessons from claims

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Primary Dental

Corporate myth busting with Primary Dental

Photo: Andrea Francolini This article is sponsored content brought...
corporate dentistry

The Corporate Model: There’s strength in a network

Dr Antony Benedetto, whose experience with NDC has been “incredibly positive”.
dental waterline treatment

Stream of clean – DUWL compliance: Protect your patients and practice

Research has shown microbial counts can reach dangerous levels in dental unit...
dental hygiene products

Hygiene Products from Durr Dental to protect your most precious assets!

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Anthos, Italy’s leading dental equipment manufacturer, expands its sterilisation solutions

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At the heart of everything we do

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Correct equipment key to sterilisation

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collector of cars and bikes

Drive time

An avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, Dr Will...
lego builders


Many Lego enthusiasts simply follow the instructions. Dr...

Fight club

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an aggressive form of martial...
scuba diving

Deep water: scuba diving

Dr Mark Spencer in Turkey, 1998, preparing to dive off the MV...
hatha yoga

Bend and stretch

The many benefits she receives from practising yoga...


FDA flip flops on amalgam

Although it's been about 18 months since they last proclaimed it safe, this week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been hearing...

Surgitel Loupes and Light

by Dr Stephen McCrea, Ellen St Dental, Wollongong, NSW I’ve been using loupes for the past 10 years and a few years ago, I decided...

UQ reaches out to indigenous communities

The University of Queensland has announced it will set up some innovative dentistry training schools in southern Queensland next year. The university reached an...

Teen dental clicks over a million

Last week the government announced that over one million dental checks have left Aussie teens with brighter smiles as a result of the Gillard...

Books to get your teeth into

Bite magazine has opened a bookstore. We'll be regularly updating our website with new-release books at great prices, which can be ordered online through...

Lack of wealth = poor oral health

A new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows most Australians rate their oral health as good, but socioeconomic factors...

Regional kids oral health crisis

A new report by Oral-B highlights the oral health inequalities suffered by children from regional areas, low-income families and of indigenous descent. The report...