Orthodontics doesn’t have to be scary when someone has your back.

 orthodontic training programs

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The demand for orthodontics is on the rise and perhaps you’re interested in learning this profitable new skill. However, many dentists are held back, worried about a case going wrong, having to refer their patient to an orthodontic expert and coming under fire from AHPRA.

What if there was a way to take on orthodontic cases with total confidence and complete them successfully, and only having to refer the most difficult cases to an orthodontist? What if you could ensure predictable, high-quality outcomes every time?

Sadly, many orthodontic training programs have failed to deliver what dentists really need…

“The problem with most ortho training programs is that they don’t provide the right tools or comprehensive, principle-based training so dentists can learn to think for themselves, successfully treat a range of cases and foresee problems before they arise,” says Dr Hall, leading tutor at The OrthoED Institute. “And there’s never anyone there to help them out with real cases. I believe dentists should always receive hands-on support for treating and finishing cases confidently and successfully. The dentists I work with want someone they can turn to and trust when an issue or situation arises. Which means they’re not having to worry about getting backlash from AHPRA.” 

Over the past 30 years, Dr Hall has successfully completed over10,000 cases and, through The OrthoED Institute, has taught over 500 dentists how to deliver orthodontic treatments with predictable outcomes, while providing ongoing case support to ensure dentists can treat all cases to their level of education and clinical expertise. 

 orthodontic training programs

“Having hands-on support allows our students to take on a wide range of cases with total confidence and achieve excellent results that delight their patients, solidify trust and grow their reputation,” Dr Hall adds.

Predictable and high-quality outcomes

Dr Hall adds, “With comprehensive training, engaging tutors and unparalleled case support, you’re going to gain the confidence to deliver orthodontic services with predictable and high-quality outcomes, every time.”

OrthoED’s MiniMasters program is a fully accredited two-year course with optional post-graduate diploma offering dentists the most comprehensive orthodontic training in Australia, complete with ongoing case support. 

The course provides a framework for dental practitioners to learn and implement orthodontics into their practice with confidence, delivering predictable and high-quality outcomes for their patients every time.  

Visit www.orthotraining.com.au to learn more about the MiniMasters two-year post-graduate diploma

Or call 1300 073 427 for a free information pack today.


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