Online marketing for dental practices

online marketing for dental practices

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Google ranks as the number one search engine by a significant margin and ultimately dominates the Australian search industry. Its advertising solution—Google AdWords, lets you reach your clients when they are searching for your services on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Talk about good timing!


The keywords “teeth whitening” was searched for over 177,600 times just in 2016. There are hundreds of related search terms like “dental implants”, “root canal treatments”, “tooth veneers” and “emergency dentist” that people type in every day to find the nearest dental practice. There has been a momentous year-on-year growth both in keyword search volumes and more practices going online to acquire new patients.


As of 2016, there are over 15.94 million smartphone users in Australia. With almost a computer in a pocket, it’s much more convenient for anyone to search for products or services. 52 per cent of overall dental industry searches were triggered from a smartphone. With new Google Ad extensions, you can now place a phone number within the ad itself. This gives users an ability to simply click and call the number assigned to the business. This also helps businesses to identify the keywords generating phone calls vs non-performing keywords.


Return on investment (ROI) is the most important aspect of an online marketing campaign.

We came across a few dental marketing campaigns with negative ROIs with their accounts being managed by some of the well-established brands within the Australian online search industry. Even with little or no success, practice owners couldn’t do much as they were locked down in a 12- to 36-month contract. When asked the reason behind these long-term commitments, the reply was that they’ve been offered a deal too sweet to resist.

Structuring a Google ad campaign for a 1-2 chair practice is very tricky. If your advertising professionals do not have a proper skill set or lack experience, your local dental practice can be paying for clicks generated from other states and you can never figure out the drain in the conversion funnel.


A lot of the dentists and practice managers choose the express way to manage their own digital marketing campaigns but struggle to keep up with the ever-changing Google ad guidelines. The lack of expertise further results in paying an inflated CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and still a lower ad positioning.


Clickbiz Australia specialises in working with dental practices and helping them with their online advertising. With access to Google’s searched query data, we can design a campaign for practices of any size. Unlike most advertising service providers, we are extremely flexible and do not lock our clients into contracts. Most of our dental clients joined us with a small trial and today we see them as long-term loyal customers. We love working with them and even assist them with drafting their monthly promotions to maximise their chair use time.

To get an online marketing scope within the dental industry for 2017-18 and to get an obligation-free analysis, call an account strategists at 1800 096 621 or visit

The author of this article, Paul Singh, is a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, holds advance advertising certifications in Google Mobile Advertising, YouTube advertising and is a 2017 Australian Google Adwords Challenge Specialist.

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