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dental software
Above and below left: The Core Practice software management package simplifies and connects your systems.

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Why the staff/patient experience really matters

In a world where the term ‘going digital’ seems about as archaic as a dental key or bow drill, online dental software is no longer a luxury but a necessity for dental practices. However, while there are a whole slew of software systems available, it’s easy for practice owners to get caught up in all the shiny widgets and features that a particular management system has.  

Of course, it’s true that a good dental management system has to wear a lot of hats. But by incorporating ever-increasing areas, many systems are cluttered at best—and at worst have become cumbersome and notoriously hard to navigate. 

As such, manufacturers appear to have lost sight of what really matters—the staff/patient experience. For practice owners, that’s a huge problem!

What do we mean?

Imagine a busy practice where there is a constant flow of patients. The front desk are so engrossed in answering the phone, filling out patient forms and processing insurance information that they barely have time to acknowledge the people waiting. Despite their best efforts, the time taken to serve each patient is impacted.


Because the dental software system in place is painfully complex and the team are still struggling to get to grips with it. Does this ring any bells? 

Ultimately, this can leave staff feeling both overwhelmed and undervalued.

But that’s not all…

From the patients’ perspective, all they see is chaos and disorganisation and while returning patients may be a little more forgiving, any new patients are unlikely to return. 

Given that the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare suggests that each new patient has an average spend of $412 per annum and remains loyal for 7 years, the implications of missing out on a patient is likely to be costly. That’s before we even talk about the effects of any negative patient reviews.

So where do we come in? 

Core Practice – Core focus

dental software

At Core Practice, we’ve created a software management package that allows you and your team to spend less time using our system and more time with your patients. Yet it remains a system where dentists and their teams can collaborate and coordinate patient care and expand patient growth. It’s also a place where all commercial, clinical, and clerical aspects of a dental business can come together under the umbrella of one intuitive but simple piece of software. 

Core Practice – Core benefits

The benefits of using our system include:

  • Intuitive, clutter-free booking system—Our very own online booking system means no 3rd party integration is needed
  • Cloud hosting—No more unreliable servers; and…
  • Simplified aesthetics—Fewer buttons and areas which aren’t relevant to the user.

All of this makes it easy for anyone to get to grips with the system fast—whether the user is a newbie with no previous dental experience or a seasoned dental professional. Ultimately, get the user experience right and the positive patient experience will follow.

Core Practice – Core impact

When competition is tight and every patient counts, patient focus becomes key. So while multi-functionality remains the main focus of many dental software design companies, we at Core Practice have chosen to focus instead on simplicity and efficiency for your team, your patients, and the day-to-day impact this has on your overall business. 

We believe that by making the daily practice management side of your business simpler and easier for your team, you will have more time and energy to take better care of your patients – this is the essence of what great customer service is all about! ≤

If you are looking to streamline your practice management, talk to the team at Core Practice about our cloud-based system, in which simplicity meets efficiency! Call us today on 1800 317 008 or visit our website at for more info.


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