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Designed to promote patient safety, minimise risk of infections and quality improvement.

By Iwona Stocka, Scientific Affairs and Education Specialist Australia & New Zealand and Patricia Payne, Senior Product Manager Australia & New Zealand.

The 3M™ Attest™ Mini Auto-reader 490M enables sterilisation monitoring with a simple system at a more affordable entry price with biological indicators (BI’s) results in just 24 minutes. Fast results give dental teams peace of mind, protect patients and identify sterilisation failures in a timely manner. Sized and priced for office use, the 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader provides a reliable, effective, and economical sterilisation assurance solution to streamline and standardise workflows.

The 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader is ideal for smaller healthcare facilities and dental settings due to its small footprint (15.5 x 8.25 x 5.25 cm), large easy-to-read display, connectivity to PC for digital documentation of BI’s results, access to historical records and compatibility with 3M Super Rapid STEAM & VH2O2 BI’s (1492V and 1295) used in hospitals. This technology has been around in hospitals for years and successfully has been introduced to the dental industry to increase patient care and protect dental practices. Furthermore, a sleek 4 well design is the perfect size for space constrained facilities. The 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader can be connected to a PC via the supplied USB cable for additional functionality such as creating diagnostic files for remote customer service support and troubleshooting, enabling firmware updates, interfacing with compatible instrument tracking software systems and configurating settings. The current status of BI’s in the Mini Auto-reader can be viewed on the PC screen and the documentation can be saved as an electronic file.

The 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader is designed to incubate and automatically read 3M Attest Steam Biological Indicators 1492V at 60°C for a final negative fluorescence reading at 24 minutes. As a leader in the field, 3M has been developing and improving technology for sterilisation assurance for decades. The technology behind this is that 3M has added a non-fluorescent substrate to the BI growth media and when bacteria are still alive in the processed BI, fluorescence will be released. This Mini Auto-reader can detect fluorescence during exponential microbial growth which cannot be detected by the human eye. Not only does this Mini Auto-reader serves as an incubator, but it also serves as a reader that reports the results to the end user. Consequently, the results provide assurance to a dental practice that their sterilisation cycle parameters have been met. Sterilisation cycles must align with a BI’s instructions for use.

In conclusion, this 3M scaled solution reduces the risk of patient exposure to contaminated dental instruments, improves patient safety and quality of care. Moreover, the ability to obtain the results within 24 minutes enhances efficiency so dental professionals can confidently manage the complexities of their job. The simplicity of 3M Attest Mini Auto-reader, helps lower the risk of human error, improves reprocessing workflow, drives compliance, and increases standard of practice.   

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