NSK’s iSD900 Dental implant screwdriver


The NSK iSD900 is a cordless prosthodontic screwdriver that aims to make the process of placing and removing cover screws, healing caps and abutments easier (up to 50 per cent faster) and safer during procedures.

With its unique torque calibration system the iSD900 provides torque accuracy values at all times ensuring the safety of your patient.

It weighs in at 148g and can operate continuously for up to 70 minutes. It comes equipped with an ‘auto stop’ function when loaded excessively to avoid any mishaps during clinical procedures.

Good visibility and accessibility can be difficult when retracting the buccal mucosa especially when having to use both hands and a conventional ratchet.  The advantage of the iSD900 is that it allows single handed operation and greater visibility to the operating field.

Some additional advantages of the iSD900 includes:

  • A reliable and durable contra-angle handpiece with excellent accessibility
  • An audible beeping sound to indicate reverse rotation
  • LCD control panel offering outstanding visibility and operability
  • Rechargable (standard AAA batteries Ni-MH can be used)
  • Simple and easy to use functionality
  • Torque range of 10Ncm – 40Ncm
  • Speed: 15, 20, 25minꜗ

Having been available in the market for some time now below you will read what Dr John Giblin had to say about his experience with the iSD900.

“This device is a game-changer in the field of Implantology. It has the benefit of adding peace of mind for the operator who is manipulating prosthetic materials in confined areas of the mouth and where there is a heightened possibility of dropping prosthetic pieces intra-orally. This may lead to swallowing or inhalation by the patient. Sadly, possible litigation may follow such events.

The iSD900 dental screwdriver has many uses, including:

  • removal of insertion assemblies and screws
  • placement of cover screws and healing abutments
  • insertion of impression copings with screws
  • easy removal of screw-retained temporary prostheses
  • placement of final abutments for either cement-retained or screw-retained final prostheses.

The device head is removable for autoclave procedures, while the entire handpiece is easily operated through a plastic sleeve. The system comes with a torque-calibration tool, where the torque can be accurately varied from 10 – 40 NCM. The device has forward and reverse modes of operation. Various styles of screwdrivers and insert hex adaptors are available from the implant companies. There is a push-button bur-retaining handpiece head. The advantage of greater control and dexterity in posterior confined areas of the mouth is amazing and more comfortable for the patient. With time and years, limitations of manual dexterity may occur. This sophisticated driver handpiece is a welcome tool for peace of mind with implant procedures, anytime. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that we recommend this wonderful device. Ease of access, convenience and safety are the prime benefits with this precision instrument: a wonderful adjunct to the implant armamentarium.”

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