NSK’s Infection Control Solutions Reduce Infection Risks in Dental Practices

NSK infection control

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As a dental instrument manufacturer, NSK always puts the safety of users, support staff and patients first. To ensure the safety of patients and dental practitioners, NSK offers comprehensive solutions for infection prevention—NSK’s innovative technologies that reduce the infection risks caused by contamination and aerosols generated by rotary instruments. In addition, the reprocessing instructions for NSK products cover essential maintenance steps in order to keep dental devices clean and make them safe to use.

Prevention of Entry of Contaminants into Handpieces

NSK infection control

Our proprietary, first-in-class Clean Head System prevents foreign bodies entering the handpiece whilst our advanced Anti-retraction Valve protects against cross-contamination. NSK give you the optimum in safety with our infection prevention features combined with the world’s most technologically advanced, award winning handpiece design.

DualDefence™ System is the combination of NSK’s unique technologies, Clean Head System and the Anti-Retraction Valve, and provides an effective method to effectively reduce possible internal contamination. The efficiency of the DualDefence™ System has been tested and validated by well-known universities, such as the University of Washington, Umeå University in Sweden and National University of Singapore.

Micromotor Driven Instruments Generate Less Aerosols

NSK infection control

Aerosols, generated by various types of rotary instruments, are seen as one of the possible risks that causes cross-infection in dental practices. The experiments find that contra-angles produce less aerosols compared to air turbines. Furthermore, the NSK Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L, with their spray switch facility, release even less aerosols compared to other types of contra-angles – this means that associated risks can be further reduced by switching off the spray air on the Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L.

Speed Increasing Contra-angle with Patented Spray Switch Function

The world’s first two-way spray function allows users to simply switch between a mist or jet spray depending on the conditions and procedure. The solid water jet spray generates even less aerosol which helps reduce possible cross-infection in dental practices even further.

Importance of Correct Reprocessing

It is essential to clean and lubricate handpieces as soon as possible after each treatment. Failure to properly maintain handpieces and other dental devices may cause cross-infection, product failure and overheating leading to burn injuries.

NSK offers solutions to cover the decontamination cycle – cleaning, lubrication and sterilisation to help maintain safe and reliable operation.

NSK infection control


Automatically clean and lubricate up top 4 handpieces at a time. Pre-set solution volumes and chuck cleaning function ensure your handpieces are consistently cleaned al lubricated efficiently, every time. 

iClave plus

Dental instruments consist of high-precision micro mechanisms and careful sterilisation is required to guarantee optimum performance. NSK’s iClave plus deploys a copper chamber to perform B-type sterilisation cycles with 50% more capacity than conventional autoclaves. 

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