NSK handpieces—powerful, durable, reliable and comfortable


NSK provides a wide variety of dental products built by core ultra-high-speed rotational technologies.

Well aware of the everyday tasks of clinicians, NSK aims to minimise the patient’s time in a chair and provide efficient and precise procedures in an ergonomic environment.

The NSK Air Turbines (High Speed) and Contra Angles (Low Speed) range offers powerful handpieces with up to 26 watts of output and ergonomic comfort through its diamond-like carbon coat. The NSK handpiece range consists of the Ti-Max Z series (Premium), The S-Max M series (Advanced) and the FX/EX series (Basic)—ensuring there is a handpiece to suit all needs and budget. NSK handpieces have several features, including the patented NSK clean head system. Available across most of its handpiece range, this special mechanism prevents the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of the turbine, making treatments easier and safer. NSK’s premium Z series range is specially developed with a light solid titanium body and scratchless DURACOAT for maximum comfort and convenience, enabling clinicians to deliver a positive experience for patients.

The S-Max M series is economical without compromising on performance or quality. It’s available in optic and non-optic and miniature and standard head sizes. Its handpieces are solid stainless steel and the high-speed air turbine cartridges can be replaced in-house, saving both time and money. The S-Max M series also contains the S-Max Pico—the smallest handpiece head in the market suitable for paediatric procedures. For clinicians seeking a basic cost-effective handpiece for general applications, NSK presents the FX series—an integrated modern series of the globally successful EX series. The stainless steel body is lighter and more durable with improved visibility to the oral operational field.

In recognition of its innovative design and quality, NSK has received the 2015 Gold Edison Award and The Dental Advisor’s Editors Choice Award. NSK products are created using the most advanced production technology and production control techniques, delivering the quality expected from a leading global brand.

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