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NobelActive is an implant scientifically designed from the ground up for primary stability and tissue preservation, which are essential to the lasting aesthetics that patients demand. Providing the foundation for aesthetics is its underlying beauty, now backed by over a decade of clinical scrutiny, proven performance and hard science.

Figure 1: The beauty beneath the surface

Figure 1: The beauty beneath the surface
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NobelActive is scientifically designed from the ground up for long-term stability and tissue preservation, essential to the lasting aesthetics that clinicians and patients demand.

Synthesis of stability and soft-tissue preservation


To achieve the natural look and feel that patients strongly desire, soft-tissue volume and high primary stability are crucial.

An opportunity only grasped when enough primary stability has been achieved is Immediate Function, which leads to improved patient satisfaction in terms of function, aesthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem.1Primary stability with NobelActive comes down to a completely unique combination of features: A double-lead thread design, combined with an expanding tapered body, an apex with drilling blades, and a specific drill protocol.1, 2, 3, 4 With this rich blend of implant design, NobelActive even allows for immediate implant placement and Immediate Function* in demanding situations, such as soft bone and extraction sockets. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

During placement with an insertion torque up to 70 Ncm, the reverse-cutting flutes with drilling blades on the apex enable the experienced user to adjust the implant position for an optimized restorative orientation.

NobelActive is proven to preserve the critical marginal bone and soft tissue over time for natural-looking aesthetics.1, 5, 6, 8This capability is made possible by the unique, patented back-tapered coronal design, together with built-in platform shifting,1, 3, 5, 8which are designed to optimize bone and soft-tissue volume, and three-year clinical research has shown significant improvements in papilla size over time.1

Flexibility by design

Both in the anterior and posterior, the NobelActive range offers clinicians an array of suitable solutions. For extremely narrow spaces in the anterior, NobelActive 3.0 gives clinicians the option to conduct implant treatment in areas where it was previously impossible with conventional implant therapy.10This variant offers the benefits of other NobelActive implants, but with a narrower implant body. Despite its width, tests show that NobelActive 3.0 offers the much-needed fatigue and torque strength.11

Similarly, strength is a key benefit of NobelActive WP (wide platform). With the option for a shorter body (7 mm) to avoid critical anatomical structures such as nerves, and a wider platform (5.5 mm) for an optimized emergence profile, it is specifically designed to deliver excellent results in the molar region.12

The extensive choice of unmatched restorative solutions

Upon a firm foundation for aesthetics, clinicians can place dental prosthetics from the comprehensive NobelProcera CAD/CAM range, including crowns, bridges and full-arch restorations. The high-translucency of multilayered full-contour zirconia solutions offer strength and exceptional aesthetics, while the angulated screw channel solutions provide optimized occlusal access when tightening the prosthetic screw. For peace of mind in the long-run, clinicians benefit from a lifetime warranty for implants when using NobelProcera prosthetic components.

Surface matters

Another innovation unique to Nobel Biocare supports long-term success with NobelActive – the anodized TiUnite surface. Together with patented grooves, the moderately rough surface encourages fast osseointegration13, maintains implant stability during the critical healing phase13, 14and promotes long-term success.15

Backed by a decade of clinical scrutiny and hard science

Since its launch, NobelActive has been often copied, but never equalled. Today, over a decade since NobelActive became available to clinicians, 41 clinical studies have evaluated over 14,300 NobelActive implants with over 2,600 patients and with truly outstanding results; especially its mean survival of over 98.5% at up to 5 years of follow-up.16No imitator can boast this quality and quantity of evidence.

For clinicians who see high implant survival rates, high primary stability, and excellent hard- and soft-tissue outcomes as deciding factors in choosing the right implant, NobelActive brings an evidence-based choice to the table – a choice supported by the strength of science.

*Once sufficient primary stability has been reached


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