New travel insurance policy for dentists

Niche business travel insurer, Professionals Travel Cover, recently launched a travel cover product for dentists and their practices.

Dental practices can now purchase a single annual travel insurance policy that covers up to 10 professionals travelling per annum. It covers multiple trips—international and domestic— and is tax deductible for the firm.

Dental practices do not need to declare their staff’s medical conditions and premiums do not increase for older travelers under 65 years of age.

“This is a first in the Australian market,” said Professionals Travel Cover managing director, Ian Jackson, before describing some of the policy’s pluses.

“Unlike most retail travel insurance products, dental practices do not pay increased premiums for professionals travelling with [most] existing medical conditions,” he said

The policy also includes free family cover.

“We understand that dentists often like to combine their international business travel with leisure so we have bundled free travel for spouses, life partners and dependent children who are travelling with the policy holder.”

Generally, dentists take out either stand-alone individual cover or source a group policy through insurance brokers typically designed for larger corporates, both of which, according to Jackson, can be expensive for a small practice.

“Our vision was to fill this void with a less complex, easy-to-purchase product developed specifically for professional practices,” he said.

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