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Today’s patients demand the most advanced dental care. This is why 3D visualization and treatment plan acceptance go hand-in-hand: to guide your patients to a better understanding of your diagnoses, increasing both their trust and treatment plan acceptance. 3D technology allows more precision, efficient workflow and confidence. Whether you are a specialist or a practice-based dentist, 3D offers a solution to meet your unique needs.

Best image quality at a low dose and shorter visits—that is what 3D units provide for your practice. These benefits provide greater certainty to help make difficult diagnoses easier, while providing the opportunity to explore new options for implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, and more.

Thanks to the 3D technology patients have a better understanding of the diagnosis and accept treatment more readily. It all adds up to efficient clinical workflow that leads to greater practice success.


How severe is the bone atrophy or the periapical lesion? Is the tooth impacted? Your questions can be answered far more easily using 3D imaging with CBCT.

3D CBCT offers clinicians and specialists numerous options for diagnosis, treatment plans, and patient consultation—all with a seamless, efficient workflow. This is one way you can expand your range of services and treat more patients at your practice. 3D allows a broadened range of procedures, from placing implants faster and with confidence to providing TMD and sleep apnoea solutions.


Digital imaging software is the new standard in clinical diagnosis and patient communication. It efficiently structures your workflow and serves as a basis for further planning and diagnosis. The software, with its intuitive user interface, has a very simple structure: it follows the clear structure of your work processes and provides you at all times with all visual data of your patients seamlessly and at a glance–whether 2D, 3D, or intraoral. This integrates your patients optimally and thus results in a high acceptance of your treatment proposal.

Working digitally allows you to streamline your workflow into 4 steps.

Scan the patient with the appropriate field of view. The digital platform allows you to access a virtual patient with all their history in chronological order and you can easily select the images that you require for your diagnosis. When you have finished making your diagnosis, the software offers you a variety of solutions that are directly linked with the software. Whether the treatment plan involves sleep apnoea, implants, or TMD, the software includes solutions for these problems and many others. Use these in the imaging software and plan your treatment reliably and quickly.

More work remains in your practice. The entire software package allows you to offer your patients a wide range of solutions—without the need to refer your patients elsewhere. Your patients benefit from fewer visits and you benefit from doing more in your practice.

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 Areas  Cases
Implantology Recognizing case risks and limitations before performing a surgical procedure, performing implants with minimal invasion and more
Endodontics Detecting auxiliary and hard-to-find canals and traumas to the dentoalveolar complex, depicting internal and external root resorption, preoperative diagnostics in the case of periapical osseous lesions and more
Oral and maxillofacial surgery Displaced teeth, fracture diagnostics, sinus diagnostics, cysts, retained roots and orthognathic surgical procedures
Orthodontics Displaced, impacted teeth, cephalometric analysis, root resorptions, cleft lips, jaws, and palates
TMD treatment Functional diagnostics and therapy of the temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMD)
General dentistry Contradictory findings (as well as those that are difficult or impossible to view in the 2D panoramic image) apical radiolucency, periodontal indications and more
Airway analysis 3D visualization of the airways, while taking the position of the Cases condyle into consideration can significantly help with appliance based therapy
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