New Anthos Connect – Digital dental unit maintenance

Digital dental unit maintenance

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During 2020, Anthos in Australia is proud to release major refresh of the Anthos Dental Treatment Unit Range. This new range  of Anthos dental units are equipped with an integrated device that allows internet connection, providing a base for a revolution in technical services to optimise speed in remote technical diagnosis and in surgery field work. This involves optional remote modules the Anthos dental unit can rely on for real-time troubleshooting and technical support service, as well as tools pre-emptively address technical issue before they become a problem.

EASYCHECK: Remote Technical Service Management

Anthos Easycheck allows Anthos service technicians and authorised service partners to remotely manage Anthos dental treatment units allowing for:

  • Remote and pre-diagnosis of problems with clear concise data: to suggest courses of action that can be performed by the dental practice to resolve a technical emergency; and to plan with confidence the exact actions and parts needed for a service call, minimising time in surgery, and need for re-visits.
  • Remote firmware updates;
  • Manage maintenance contracts (annual servicing) aimed at reducing end user maintenance costs and increase equipment dependability through preventive and predictive maintenance.

Di.V.A: Digital virtual assistant features a convenient dashboard that allows the dental professional and technician to monitor their equipment’s use in order to optimise and improve performance.

Di.V.A. provides for:

  • Monitoring unit operation data and logs to forecast and address pre-emtively technical issues before they become a problem.
  • Monitoring of each individual device’s use in order to modulate the workload with “uniform progressive ageing”
  • The availability of the manuals for all the equipment connected to it.

EASYTICKET is a tool for the manufacturer and Anthos in Australia to track every dental unit sold, from the moment of installation throughout its entire lifecycle, monitoring all the key events: warranty information; which and how many events required technical service and their solutions; and highlighting anomalies by inexperienced or incorrect use are some of the benefits.

Decisions can be based on objective and detailed data. Easyticket is also a tool for Anthos manufacturing to constantly improve quality at the production level.

Digital dental unit maintenance

EASYACCESS – Is an APP which allows Anthos technical to diagnose problems, collect data, update firmware without having to physically connect to the dental unit, Connection via a smartphone, with no need to connect cables or remove covers.

Anthos dental unit customers moving forward will have maximum reliability made easier with this new suite of tools. Customers will enjoy our ability to pre-emptively deal with issues before they become problems. We encourage customers to contact us to understand more about how these tools can perfectly complement the Anthos range. 

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